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HofmeisterKinky Sun, Nov-18-2018 01:08:19 AM

Back to M3 ownership
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This was a bittersweet move. Drove my '11 RX-8 R3 for 4 years and loved every minute of it until it was totaled a few weeks ago. Figured maybe it wouldn't suck to take the opportunity to get a legit 4-door car, what with the wife and kid and all. But for a guy who would have been happy cramming said wife and kit into an RX-8 just to have a car that handles that well, that was a hard sell.

Fortunately for them, this (pic below) was waiting for me at a nearby dealership. '08, 6MT, slicktop, no iDrive, 18s, 1 owner, good service history. It's not faultless, but it was way too good to pass up.

Feels every bit of 600 lbs heavier than the RX-8. But I think I can live with that. :]

Dr///M3 Wed, Dec-12-2018 02:59:22 AM

Re: Back to M3 ownership
Congrats on the new pick-up. Enjoy it in good health!

Tvan Wed, Dec-12-2018 05:24:36 PM

Re: Back to M3 ownership
Looks very nice! Great color choice too

jeffgo888 Sat, Jan-05-2019 06:56:24 PM

Re: Back to M3 ownership
very nice, enjoy!

Obioban Tue, Mar-05-2019 12:56:56 PM

Re: Back to M3 ownership

EYEHAVEYOU Tue, Mar-05-2019 02:05:20 PM

Re: Back to M3 ownership
Great spec, congrats!

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