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Vince1997M3 Wed, Dec-01-2004 03:10:27 AM

New Member/New Owner
I recently bought a 1997 M3 Sedan. Being a family guy now, I had to purchase the sedan and the auto in order to keep one hand free for the kids. But, when I am alone, I enjoy the car for what it was designed. My question is: Is a K & N Intake a good option? Which series can I go with, and should it have any negative impact on the comp? Should I expect a notable increase in power? :nixweiss:

Sirius Wed, Dec-01-2004 03:16:07 AM

Congrats and welcome. Most intakes gain you sound, minimal preformace.

Dakhar Wed, Dec-01-2004 03:29:59 AM

Yea, you may want to consider an intake, HFM, and a chip

I did so, and my but dyno says I got some gain... Is is worth the 1,000$ ? Well, that is another story....

Vince1997M3 Wed, Dec-01-2004 03:33:35 AM

I had a feeling that was the case...I have 0 experience with mods and Bimmers, but I had experience with Detroit muscle, and the only significant change I felt in a 93 Saleen was after I added a Supercharger (I was $4g's lighter)...Thank you for the welcome.

Sirius Wed, Dec-01-2004 03:51:20 AM

If you're looking for serious gains in these cars, expect to spend major money. Cams will produce good power gains, S/C and Turbos will produce major gains.. but at the cost of your first born.

99Blk&Tan Wed, Dec-01-2004 04:34:04 AM

Welcome, and way to pick an M3 Sedan over a minivan :thumbsup:

Blackspeed Wed, Dec-01-2004 07:06:02 AM

Welcome and post some pics.

dapper83 Wed, Dec-01-2004 01:30:28 PM

Welcome to the forum pics......

Like mentioned above the only way to get some big gains is through cams, and FI. Changing out the rear end does do a lot. I would reccomend a 3.46 or 3.64

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