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jjrho Fri, May-26-2017 07:40:49 PM

Re: Best exhaust for M3?
Does the OEM exh. mod have any drone ?
I am taking down the CNT exh. and moddding the oem box...
I already removed the distal cats and resonators....

I also put a Y valve on both sides, just for sounds loud and awesome downshift noise but, still drones; without it going thru the CNT so... I don't know....


Dr///M3 Mon, Jul-03-2017 03:52:46 AM

Re: Best exhaust for M3?
Active Autowerks Exhaust hands down!

Tove Mon, Jul-03-2017 11:26:37 PM

Re: Best exhaust for M3?
How is the Dinan exhaust?

pd3 Tue, Jul-04-2017 04:14:33 PM

Re: Best exhaust for M3?

Originally Posted by pd3 (Post 1067330993)
Good Evening Gents,

Brand new E92 owner here and looking to help my new baby breathe better. I'm looking for a European sound, not American muscle car, and my most important criteria is NO drone! Something tame at low RPMs but shows up in stereo symphony when I get on it.

What are some ideas? I've looked at Corsas, who tout their no drone tech, Super Sprint and Eisenmen Sport.

Also do we like the MS or AFE intakes better?

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I ended up going with the AFE Magnum Force Elite Stage 2 intake + scoops. Great induction noise! Downside was that the induction completely overwhelmed the stock exhaust unless WOT.

I went with ESS HFC X-Pipe and Corsas, WOW! Before, I talk sounds, the X-pipe opened up so much power. Most noticeable down low but the power is across the entire rev range. A must do for every owner, so make sure your exhaust has been tried by somebody else with an X-pipe or test pipes on YouTube.

Now for the sound, nothing short of pure ecstasy. It has a European exhaust track without drone. There is a tad bit of drone at 2200-2400 RPM but with my 6MT, I'm hardly ever there.

I love it and I receive compliments on the setup all the time.

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