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thxbuff2001 Tue, Sep-19-2017 06:07:55 PM

I think I found one
Pictures are coming soon.

I have been a BMW owner for a while, e46, e90, e60 M5 and currently have am F10 535 ix and M5.

Its been my dream ever since I was young to own an M3. I guess ive been too distracted. Later I ventured to other brands.

Ive been looking for a while for an e30 M3.

Then one night, I saw a car on Craigslist and emailed the seller.

He gave me a run down on the history and a PPI was done.

PPI only needed a few minor things, valve cover seapage and some leaking return steering hose. Seller would fix it and add a new battery.

Car would be shipped later this week or early next week.

I cant believe I found a car after an exhausting search.

qwkslvrnsx Tue, Sep-19-2017 06:16:12 PM

Re: I think I found one
Awesome, looking forward! Color?

ECSTuning Tue, Sep-19-2017 06:18:38 PM

Re: I think I found one
Congrats! In for pics!

thxbuff2001 Tue, Sep-19-2017 06:30:41 PM

Re: I think I found one
This is the most elusive car search Ive been through, considering there are 15000 made in the world.
When I get the car, I will post pics and tell you the complete story of this car. It has a story to tell to every BMW enthusiasts.

legacyej25 Wed, Sep-20-2017 03:18:01 AM

Re: I think I found one
Looking forward to this!

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