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///Marini Fri, May-22-2009 06:40:20 AM

2003.5 SMG Tiag/Black ///M3

EAS Black Kidneys
EAS Black Side Gills
EAS Smoked Depo Corner Lenses w/ invisible bulbs
20% tint all around
Black M3 Rear Badge
Black M3 license Plate Frame
Paint matched front reflectors

OEM Eurotray
DICE Silverline Ipod Integration Kit

6000k DDM HID Fog Kit
6000k Apexcone D2S xenon bulbs
6000k Orion V2's

KW Variant 2 Coilovers
Rogue Rear Shock Mounts
Powerflex RTABs

Apex ARC-8 18x9.5 et35 all around
265/35/18 Nitto NT-05's
TMS 10mm spacers for rear

CSL Front and Rear Rotors
Stoptech Front SS Lines
Stoptech Rear SS Lines
RBF600 Brake Fluid

Stock S54

Ceramic Coated Ebay Headers
Single ar20 in section 1

Rogue RSM's


So, on Thursday April 9th I drove 410 miles down to Orange County and picked up a 2003.5 Tiag SMG M3! Heres a build up to how this came to be:

So, 8 years ago (before I ever owned or knew anything about a BMW) I remember very vividly sitting in Pasta's (an italian place in downtown pleasanton) with my mom and sister. We had a window seat towards the front and as we waited for our food an absolutely beautiful Tiag Vert on grey e46 M3 pulled up and parked right in front of the restaurant. I stared at it a while and just remembered thinking to myself that, one day, I would love to own a car that nice.

Flash forward a couple years and I bought my first car, a 1986 325 Champagne on tan leather interior. Absolutely loved the car (still miss it) and my love for BMWs has grown ever since.

I then sold the e30 and picked up an e46 323i, found this forum, and eventually it looked like this--

Then, after much research and thought, the e46 M3 had become my absolute dream car. The styling, performance, sound, everything was so amazing to me. So I scrimped and saved for a year, took out a loan, and with some serious thought decided to buy this:

The day I bought it didn't go too smooth. I left at 2AM, arrived at the seller's house at 11AM, got a PPI, discovered I had to replace one of the front tires, went through a ton of other stuff before finally wrapping things up around six.

Here's the first shots that I took as the official owner:

Then I taped it up for the long ride back home..

Drooling over it at a Chevron off of I-5

Back home with my baby!

It's hard to sum up in words how amazing this car is.. the rear tires are worn and it still handles WAY better than any car I've ever driven. I just drove a 135i a few weeks before and I am much happier and more impressed with the M.. It is such a raw car and soooo fun to drive.


So, 2 days after buying the car I took my friend out for a drive at night. Saw something in the road (which turned out to be a spring from somebody's suspension), swerved so I wouldn't scrap on it, then ended up clipping it with my passenger front tire..

Tow: Free w/AAA
New tire: $400
Mount/Balance: $50

Really crappy way to start my M3 experience..

This jackass scratched my bumper while trying to put it on the lift. :banghead:

A day later I get it back in my driveway..

So, on Thursday April 23rd I received a package with my new dice silverline kit (trunk interface) and a eurotray (short version). The install went fairly easy except here are some tips for someone trying to do this setup:

1) EAS has a great set of instructions that can be found here --

2) When routing the cords underneath the driver seat, if you find yourself with a lot of slack, there is 2 small slit-like openings in the carpet towards the front of the seat (at least in the M3 there is). These can be used to stash a ton of extra wire into so that you aren't faced with 3 feet of extra cord to deal with elsewhere making the setup look less clean.

3) The EAS instructions say to mount the DICE module underneath the eurotray.. save yourself the hassle I went through and DON'T DO THIS. The DICE module will not fit underneath the eurotray (short version, at least.. maybe its fine under the long version). There is a space between the coin holder and eurotray that the DICE module can fit though, but DON'T DO THIS EITHER (believe me I tried). If you mount it there, you still have a good 3-4 feet of ipod connector cord to fit somewhere underneath the eurotray and coin holder, which proves to be almost impossible. I ended up being able to fit it all underneath after a good deal of time, but the cord became bunched up between the eurotray and the coin holder and "locked" the tray in the closed position.

SO, here is my solution (and it works perfectly, pics below)

-Mount the DICE module underneath the driver seat. I wasn't about to drill holes in my car so I took some double-sided tape and mounted it. No jiggling, can't see the tape (but whos looking under there anyway?), and it won't destroy the carpet.

-Route the iPod connector cable in the same fashion that EAS explains to route the trunk interface cable in their instructions and through the back of the eurotray.

-You should end up with way less cord to tuck away and the eurotray should pop in easy.

4) Routing the ipod connector cable through the back of the eurotray is not an easy task. There is a possibility you can break the "flap" at the back of the eurotray since you really have to push on it to fit the end of the cable through. I had good luck with the rounded end, just go slow and try to be gentle.

Heres some pics I took of the final product:

No cables visible in the trunk

The only glimpse of a cable coming from the rear seat area

Tucked away cleanly

Routing underneath driver seat

DICE module under seat

Routing to console

Open with my old 60gb video


Overall, the install was pretty easy once I got everything figured out. Great product, I've always wanted to have an iPod hookup in my car. Sounds great and works great.

If any locals need help with an install and like the work I did on mine, just let me know. I'd be down to install it for a few bucks. Otherwise, I hope this helps someone who was in the market for this or was having trouble installing it like I did.


So while I was at work some (insert flurry of cuss words here) decided to jack my trunk spoiler :banghead: At first I was somewhat relieved because it looked like the paint was fine.. but after checking it over again, I noticed that there is an inch gash down to the metal on the passenger side (photo below).
So I can't leave this like it is, it will drive me crazy and eventually rust.. looking to either upgrade to a VCSL trunk or just use some touch up paint and pray it comes out half decent.

AriZonaD54 Fri, May-22-2009 08:48:33 AM

Sorry to hear about the jacking.

This thread looks very promising. Keep up the good work my TiAg brother!

///Marini Fri, May-22-2009 09:12:12 AM


Today I met up with a local forum member named Calvin (flightz71) who sold me a pair of brand new 255/35/19 PS2s for an awesome price. Great guy with a beautiful LSB ///M.

Sitting on top of some 275s I'm trying to sell..

These tires will be a part of a major maintenance overhaul I'm trying to do including new RTABs, rear tires, alignment, possibly RSMs, and a bunch of smaller things I've been wanting to do. I'm just waiting to get all of the parts in my possession so I can start. I will post pics of everything.

I also bought the TWS Oil Change kit from Tischer

Originally Posted by AriZonaD54 (Post 3984353)
Sorry to hear about the jacking.

This thread looks very promising. Keep up the good work my TiAg brother!

Thanks! yeah, I'm still really upset about the spoiler but all I can do now is cross my fingers and hope for a good deal on a used VCSL boot lid.

LightWerkz Sat, May-23-2009 02:06:47 PM

Looking great so far.

///Marini Sat, May-23-2009 06:54:17 PM

Thanks! Your journal was the inspiration for making my own. Your car is so sick :drool:


Originally Posted by LightWerkz (Post 3987273)
Looking great so far.

LightWerkz Sat, May-23-2009 07:05:22 PM

Oh and about your trunk, I would just say to remove the residue with some goo gone or just roll it off with your fingers. It should look OK after all said and done. Its it unfortunate since someone jacked your spoiler and ruined your bootlid in the process, but dont let it get to you too much. I had a similar accident where my garage door lock broke and fell on my bootlid, it caused some scuffs and I ended up removing the spoiler myself. After it was all said and done I was left with some scuffs, but I hardly notice any more.

///Marini Sun, May-24-2009 04:09:57 AM


Here's some updated pics of the damage done after the spoiler incident, let me know if you have any solutions on how I should fix it.

Here's some pics of my latest problem.. interior door trim on passenger side has come off almost completely.. totally lame.. how should I fix this?

Also, ordered some Powerflex RTABs from EAS and some Apexcone 6000k D2S bulbs.

yaja23 Sun, May-24-2009 05:55:22 AM

Did you take your sig pics on Palomares Rd? Looks very familiar.

///Marini Sun, May-24-2009 06:11:38 AM


Originally Posted by yaja23 (Post 3988402)
Did you take your sig pics on Palomares Rd? Looks very familiar.

No, but it does look like palomares. Actually I didn't even take the pic (thats why its so good, lol) the previous owner, who was a forum member, had the pictures taken by his friend in the hills of rancho santa margarita, ca (socal near irvine).

Do you live in castro valley?

LightWerkz Sun, May-24-2009 01:45:35 PM

Try gorilla glue on the window trim, and then use tape to hold it on for awhile. Common issue with this piece, lol.

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