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EnVyFoLLoWsM3 Thu, Nov-18-2010 09:52:39 PM

First post Help. Need Insspection II... Low on the $
Hey. Ive been on this forum for a long while now but never posted nething yet.
Yupp its my first post.
Anyways i started engineering school a couple months ago and ive been really over due for inspection II for a while now. One BMW stealersip actually quoted me almost 3000 bucks.
I was wondering where or what options i have to do my inspection II. I live in New Jersey (central area)

deadlysyns Thu, Nov-18-2010 09:59:14 PM

$3000??? I guess they will provide extra lube for that rape job.

there's a couple of guys in the NJ area yhat can help you out. Tonggi used to do it on the side, I am not sure if he still does it. It's still going to cost you $300+ for supplies to do it.

maveric23 Thu, Nov-18-2010 10:06:19 PM

First of all, don't go to the dealer! :facepalm:

Get quotes from indy shops. You should be able to get an Inspection 2 for less than $1,000. If you are really tight on funds, do everything in the Inspection but postpone the valve adjustment until you can afford it.

If the indy shop allows you to use your own parts, buy them separately to save a little more:

Lastly, if you can't afford an Inspection 2, then you might want to rethink about owning this car. No matter what price that you paid for the car, it will always have the maintenance cost of a $50K+ car. There are probably more important things to spend your money! Just my :twocents:.


EnVyFoLLoWsM3 Thu, Nov-18-2010 11:58:50 PM

when i meant low on money i didnt mean that low, lol, id just rather not pay more then $1600 for the inspection.
I'm thinking of doing all of the filters and fluids with a friend at his shop and doing the valve adjustment at bmw IF i cant find an Indy shop that i could go to

EnVyFoLLoWsM3 Fri, Nov-19-2010 12:00:45 AM

deadlysyns do u have any of the contact info of the indy shops that i could possibly do it at??

kmfurdm Fri, Nov-19-2010 12:06:26 AM

Ask in the Mid Atlantic section. I could give you the names of two good shops hear outside of Philly but I imagine that might be a bit far.

m3freak86 Fri, Nov-19-2010 02:03:36 AM

Since you're in NJ, PM jon (tonggi). He does all that work for a great price! He is the only other person I will let touch my car.

EnVyFoLLoWsM3 Fri, Nov-19-2010 02:28:41 AM

ahhh, thank you m3freak86.

excessive Fri, Nov-19-2010 02:32:02 AM

You can buy all the stuff needed for InspectionII for less than $500 if you do it yourself. Learn about your car in the process. It's a win-win. All the info you need is here on this board , and best of all , information is free!

deilenberger Fri, Nov-19-2010 03:38:17 AM

Dr. M-Car at Allaire/Monmouth airport. #1 job by a really good dude. Google it.

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