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KlEaR EoS Tue, Feb-05-2008 03:10:18 AM

******Strictly BBS CH Wheels Thread******
Since there have been a upcoming number of BBS CH talk lately, lets post them up. These are old pics of my car:

EvoVIIIYou Wed, Feb-06-2008 02:01:12 AM

BUMP for more. Give your specs as well.

Wheel sizing, tire sizing, and drop info.

333M Wed, Feb-06-2008 02:26:12 AM


M3_Dust Wed, Feb-06-2008 02:32:20 AM

el2ok Wed, Feb-06-2008 02:48:24 AM

I didn't get too many pictures when I had my CHs. This was when I first got my car and it was relatively stock.

VioletM3 Wed, Feb-06-2008 04:05:16 AM

RobO's car:

BMWridin89 Wed, Feb-06-2008 04:09:09 AM

Now these are the BBS rims that I love.

jshin80 Wed, Feb-06-2008 05:06:16 AM

old pictures.

m3lowryder Wed, Feb-06-2008 07:52:08 AM

CarFanatic56 Wed, Feb-06-2008 10:45:02 AM

^ they look good on AW

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