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astan100 Wed, Oct-29-2003 09:40:38 PM

Manual Driving Tips-basic to advanced
Here is a great place to learn the basics of driving manual.

I would also suggest going to and looking up clutches.

There was an exhausting long thread on this recently that I think has to be read. It covers everything from Oversteer control, to double clutching, to heel toe, to basic basic driving stick tips.

If anyone has anything else to add, tack it on.

crusher Wed, Oct-29-2003 10:47:22 PM

Here's a link to UUC about their shifting technique.

BMW M Power Wed, Oct-29-2003 11:18:05 PM

this thread is over at bimmerfoums. teaches better ways to race and such.

also, i know it sounds bad.....but i learned to heel-toe from watching Initial D. :D

astan100 Thu, Oct-30-2003 11:33:07 AM


e36_m3_Turbo Thu, Oct-30-2003 10:55:34 PM

Ya a very nice site I visited last night. Bump for it also.:thumbsup:

astan100 Fri, Oct-31-2003 06:24:40 AM

I think that this thread is ready to go to the FAQ section...maybe we could wait until the end of Friday...but I'm content with the info.

This is beginning of fewer of the exact same questions everyone! YES!

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