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advan24r Wed, Oct-06-2004 05:03:36 PM

Northern California (Bay Area) Sightings Thread (Start 10/6/04)
Since Hyolee started one...I thought I'll do one for our area =) :rockband:

hiros Wed, Oct-06-2004 05:14:45 PM

I see M3s all the time so this is going to be a busy thread. :D

advan24r Wed, Oct-06-2004 05:23:00 PM

I hardly see M3s but I bet we see LESS M3s here than our So.Cal friends.

pecklem3 Wed, Oct-06-2004 05:44:05 PM

White convertible going northbound on 880 between thornton and decoto.
Wednesday 10/06/04 08:05.

Hyolee Wed, Oct-06-2004 07:27:22 PM

awesome quincy! keep up the good work

hiros Wed, Oct-06-2004 08:03:11 PM

Imola red coupe going north bound 880 around 9am this morning (around Automall Pkwy exit).

advan24r Thu, Oct-07-2004 06:50:26 AM

White M3 coupe w/clear reflector on KATO in Fremont..around 1:00pm

advan24r Thu, Oct-07-2004 04:28:36 PM

Sterling Grey color CAB - BONE STOCK travelling on Mission BLVD south bound in Fremont at 7:30 AM.

AegeanM3 Thu, Oct-07-2004 08:27:25 PM


10:00 AM, Cox Ave. - Silver Cab with CSL Front Bumper
5:00 PM, DeAnza Blvd. - LSB Coupe
5:00 PM, Bollinger Ave. - PY Coupe
5:30 PM, HWY 17 - Dakar Yellow Cab
5:45 PM, Los Gatos - Saratoga Ave. - Silver Grey Cab, old chick

advan24r Fri, Oct-08-2004 02:34:20 AM

10/7/04 5:30pm Artic White M3 Coupe on Stevenson Blvd. and cross street of Fremont Blvd..lowered w/Work Rezax. Bald Headed Guy w/glass driving. What up!

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