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AMPowerJ Mon, Jan-03-2005 02:45:10 AM

Member Bios
I know we have discussed this before but there are many new members on the board and I always think it is interesting to know more about each other like how old you are and what you do when you aren't on this board ....

I am 31, married, have a daughter and a son on the way and work in sales for a software company.

- Ashley

Eric1855 Mon, Jan-03-2005 02:57:44 AM

24, not married, and I am an Environmental Engineer for the Dept. of Defense. I am the lead environmental engineer for the Garrison, Ft. Knox, KY.

I also go to U of Louisville School of Law in the evening, got 2 years left, studying Environmental Law and Policy.

FLY G-550 Mon, Jan-03-2005 03:09:53 AM

30 yrs young, Married for the last 3 yrs. no kids yet!! working on it, Flight engineer/aircraft mechanic. work for a rich dude that has no idea what to do with all that money so he buys a 48mill private jet and a 80mill yacht, the man has been good to me for the last 6 yrs. Travel a whole lot with my boss. :soapbox:

95RogueM3 Mon, Jan-03-2005 03:19:25 AM

19, sophmore in college, maybe a buisness major.


Sirius Mon, Jan-03-2005 03:27:06 AM

22. Former employee for a BMW dealer. Going back to school full time to get a degree.

jones4M3 Mon, Jan-03-2005 03:44:44 AM

34, single, swimming coach. I love my job, if I had millions of $$ I would do exactly what I do now!

Now w/ an M3 I've got a mod hobby?, maybe, just maybe. You are all making me nuts and I've had my car for a week now.



SIDEWAYS Mon, Jan-03-2005 04:50:40 AM

32, single, original owner of my '97 M3, and a product planner for an automotive company here in Southern Cali~

SIDEWAYS Mon, Jan-03-2005 04:57:45 AM


Originally Posted by 95RogueM3
19, sophmore in college, maybe a buisness major.


Damn...I must say, you've got yourself one clean ride for a young kid like yourself. I'm surprised it isn't all riiced out as one would expect from someone so young. RGRs, OEM clear corners/lights, even the lack of tint...very clean man. Props~ :thumbsup:

iNcUbUs_21 Mon, Jan-03-2005 04:59:51 AM

20 years old, junior at West Virginia University on the football team. Criminal Justice major, hopefully get into Federal law enforcement after school if the NFL doesn't work out :thumbsup:

99M3Riverside Mon, Jan-03-2005 05:05:18 AM

31 married with 2 kids, I am in Sales for a manufacture. Looking to go back for an MBA soon.

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