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mpanella Fri, Oct-28-2011 05:04:53 AM

Finding RAC wheel color..powdercoat..
Okay guys i'm totally stumped.

So to make a long story short I have been tooling around with the idea of powder coating my VMR VB3's for a while. I would really like to do it but the color i've had in mind was the flat silver that the RAC RG4's have. I have absolutely no idea how to get even close to the color i'd like to achieve because the only source I have is pictures on the web.

Anybody have an idea of where I could possibly find out what mixture they used or get close to. I know it's silver but people that have a lot of interest in the brand know what I mean when I say it's definitely a one of a kind color.

Quick google search gave me this. The silver is a very flat but rich color almost like a white tone to it.

Zoomz Fri, Oct-28-2011 05:44:58 AM

Re: Finding RAC wheel color..powdercoat..
Being that I have the wheels in that pic. They may appear flat"ish"
but they are not! At all...
You could just buy mine.

RynoS54 Fri, Oct-28-2011 06:48:08 AM

Re: Finding RAC wheel color..powdercoat..
I've heard the closest silver to the RAC silver is Porsche's Arctic silver IIRC....but yeah that pic of the RG4s look flat but has quite a bit of metallic flake under different lighting.....

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