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98M3csm Tue, Feb-17-2015 05:57:26 PM

Torque Pro app
Has anyone used the Torque Pro app on their E36? I'm wondering if our old cars communicate enough information for it to be useful.


haus Tue, Feb-17-2015 06:13:40 PM

Re: Torque Pro app
Yes and yes (assuming you're on OBDII, I don't know about the 95's). Emissions testing readiness indicators, fuel trims, stuff like that. It can read codes but I've always just used the Peake tool. For $5 (I think that's what I paid) it's kind of interesting to play around with, and in CA I'd say definitely for the readiness monitors, so you can be sure you'll be able to get a smog check before going in if you've recently pulled the battery or cleared codes.

But I found my cheap transceiver to be flaky (causing the program to freeze frequently) so I switched to an ultragauge.

M3_Tiag Wed, Feb-18-2015 03:13:50 AM

Re: Torque Pro app
Check out my threads on the topic

NolliM3 Wed, Feb-18-2015 12:41:43 PM

Re: Torque Pro app

Originally Posted by haus (Post 1066973587)
Yes and yes (assuming you're on OBDII, I don't know about the 95's).

I can attest to it not working with the 95 model.

M3n00b Wed, Feb-18-2015 02:47:23 PM

Re: Torque Pro app
Yes! It's a little slow but works well.

m3hoon Wed, Feb-18-2015 06:54:41 PM

Re: Torque Pro app
I use it paired to a $8 bluetooth Elm 327 on my 97. It has worked well so far for me especially to monitor coolant temp, but I agree ^^ it has a slight delay on gauge reading.

M3n00b Wed, Feb-18-2015 06:58:26 PM

Re: Torque Pro app
I have the same 327. I'm not sure if it's the old bus of the car or the adapter that causes the slowness? Going to try it on my wife's brand new cx5 and see.

haus Wed, Feb-18-2015 07:28:05 PM

Re: Torque Pro app
Torque has some preference settings about connection speed; see if there's anything in there as part of a recent update that might help as well.

Grimm5698 Fri, Feb-20-2015 02:33:25 AM

Re: Torque Pro app
I've run Torque Pro for a while now, on my 98' M3. I mostly use it to data log information but i did have some problems with the first old obd2 adaptor "Gen 1", having to re-sync every time i ran the app and there was alot of lag while reading the sensors.

So i upgraded to a newer version "Gen 2" and it helped out a bit, did not have to re-sync anymore and there wasn't as much lag as before when data logging so i've been running that adaptor for a couple years now.

But a couple months ago i found a newer obd2 adaptor that claims very high read speeds for the PID's "up to 300%" faster than the cheap adaptors. Its sold by - , I haven't tested it yet but will be purchasing one soon as im finishing up my tablet installation and it would be awesome to finally get rid of the PID sensor lag and have instant readings specially while data logging.

Also from what i can remember pretty much all sensors are available except, oil pressure / oil temp / transmission temp. I contacted the creator of the app to see if he was gonna make the oil temp & oil pressure PID's available later on but he told me it was expensive to get BMW proprietary PID information and that most likely he would not be able to add those PID extensions.

M3_Tiag Mon, Feb-23-2015 11:06:48 PM

Re: Torque Pro app
^i wouldn't bother, our OBD port transmits max 3hz

Pretty easy to see in the torque app, you get about 3 updates per second

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