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ian vaughan Fri, Nov-02-2007 12:38:21 AM

e46 m3 HELP
can anyone help ??? my e46 m3 2001 has a problem that the garage cant sort out.the car was missing very bad and down on 1 cylinder it was put onto diagnostics and showed a cam sensour fault problem that was them replaced with a brand new bmw part (original) when the engine was started it run perfect for about 3/4 miniuts then started missing again it was put back on diagnostics and showed cylinder 6 cutoff fault low fuel yes there was low fuel about 20 miles showing on dash i then filled the tank full and still no joy car still missing like a pig on cylinder 6 and also saying fault cylinder 6 low fuel cutoff any ideas ???

Pete_repete Mon, Nov-19-2012 07:11:00 PM

Spark plugs? Injectors dirty? Coils? Could be a number of things

I' Wed, Jul-06-2016 08:51:37 PM

Re: e46 m3 HELP
Definitely spark plugs maybe accompanied with faulty coils

I' Wed, Jul-06-2016 08:53:33 PM

Re: e46 m3 HELP
If it something to do with fuel, you might want to change the fuel filter. If it doesn't make noise when you prime the car, it's your fuel pump

yco Tue, Jul-19-2016 02:12:05 PM

Re: e46 m3 HELP
i believe its all about the fuel pump or the filter..

danneman Fri, Mar-31-2017 08:42:39 PM

Re: e46 m3 HELP
Mine has got the same fault,tried plugs and coil packs,fuel cleaner,swapping plugs and c/packs around but still no joy. Disconnected the battery today to try and get a reset but no luck. The garages are just guessing and want paying for a guess.

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