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Dr M3an M3 Sat, Jun-10-2017 03:18:13 AM

**GROUP-BUY: 2017 SuperSprint Header Mega Thread
June 3rd, 2019: If you are reading this, yes this is still active. Just PM me. =)

EDIT 6/30/17: I AM SORRY ALL OF MY IMAGES JUST WENT DOWN!!! Photobucket is holding them hostage for a $400/yr ransom. Working on other options...please bare with my while I figure out a solution. This is going to be a huge nightmare to have to reupload all my images and then having to edit all my image links. Feel Free to E-mail me for photos/prices. Please PM me if you know of a free image hosting site that won't flag for 3rd party hosting.

After much anticipation, I welcome you to the 2017 Super Sprint Group-Buy Mega Thread -- For ALL products and ALL Makes & Models.

These need no introductions as many of you are already aware of that Super Sprint makes the best and highest quality headers and exhaust systems on the market for the E46 M3 platform, with years-upon-years of thorough independent documentation. Don’t take my word for it, there are tons of highly respected forum members that will vouch for the quality of SS headers and there is no shortage of documentation when googling reviews for specific items.

Photobucket won't let me post pictures. PM for pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see the Supersprint item that you are interested in, please PM me. There are hundreds if not thousands of Supersprint items and for this reason, it is impossible for me to include them all, above. This Group-Buy is extended to Supersprint's full range of products and for all makes and models. So feel free to PM me if you are not seeing what you are looking for.

What products does this GB include?
Initially this was just going to be a header group-buy, but due to the significant interest in this GB, I am opening this up for massive discounts on all of Supersprint's full range of products, for ALL makes and models.

What if I don’t see a SS product listed in the price chart above?
Either comment or PM me and I will be happy to add the part to the page.

How many people do we need to make this Group-Buy happen?
10+ total orders. They can be any combination of parts.

I see some parts are listed as out of stock…How long is the wait?
I am working on getting an approximate production time established. For now, I wanted to go ahead and organize a list of those interested.

How much is shipping?
Shipping cost for single item or combined: Downpipe, Header, Front pipes/X-pipe, Rear muffler single(1-2 pipe system), Rear muffler dual(4 pipe system).
PM for pricing
* I am going to see if I can bring shipping costs down, particular for combined items. Stay tuned!
*If you are in the UK, shipping is very cheap
UK Shipping: Shipping cost is $25 USD for the large parts and $15 USD for the headers, downpipe, ect. However, UK buyer's will have to pay VAT since these are coming from the EU.

Buyers are responsible for paying Import-Duty Fees prior to or at the time of delivery.

How do I pay the Import-Duty Fee?
You can log into the below address and enter your waybill/tracking number.

*this option will only be available once your package has entered the United States. So keep an eye on the tracking because if it is still in Germany then you will not be able to pay the extra duties. They are only calculated once it enters the US. I recommend using this link and paying this fee prior to your delivery date to ensure that your order will not be delayed.

*Please beware that I have no control over duty fees or how they are calculated. It is the buyer's responsibility to understand how import duties are calculated in their respective country, particularly for those outside of the USA.

Is the inventory in this Group-Buy limited like the last GB you organized?
Nope. This GB is extended to as many products that there is demand for.

How do I pay?
Once I have a list of at least 10+, I will update with payment instructions and order invoices. Payment WILL NOT BE THROUGH THE SAME ROUTES AS MY OTHER Group-Buys have been.

Because I have decided to open this GB up to other makes and models, the best way to contact me will be either PMing me via this forum, or you can e-mail me. I have setup a designated e-mail address just for these Group-Buys to keep everyting centralized and in order so nothing gets overlooked or missed.

Great, add me to the list! What do you need to know?
Either comment below or send me a PM.
Please include your forum username and what product(s) specifically (part number) that you are interested in. Once 10+ are received, we will go from there.

Let’s talk about the products, there are a lot of options available.

SS Stepped Header V1(Part No. 044001):
Beginning with the Gold-Standard 'Holy-Grail" and thus far PROVEN king of all headers for the S54, the SS Stepped V1 header.
These are the stepped-design headers from Supersprint that provide the highest gains from the entire Supersprint range. Thus far, no other header on the market provides the same amount of top-end power, without sacrificing low/mid range power. They require the Supersprint section 1 (cat or catless) or a custom section 1 to fit. Both SS Section 1’s are also available to add to your order with the GB price discount.

“This patented design is quite unique in that it offers a smaller diameter primary tube that starts at the engines exhaust port and later increases to a greater diameter at a specific distance from the cylinder head. The result from the larger tube is maximum horsepower at high RPM, while the small tube maximizes low-end torque.”
SuperSprint North America

Independent Dyno Graphs:

(courtesy of M3Flip and Evolve’s previous thread):

Stock vs Supersprint V1 Header SAE Conditions with AFR

Stock vs Supersprint V1 Header SAE Max Values Power vs Torque

Stock vs Supersprint V1 Header Uncorrected Max Values Power vs Torque

(courtesy of Beavis and Evolve’s previous thread):

Euro vs Supersprint V1 Header (graph of Stepped headers with Random tech 7000 cats vs euro headers with euro cats. WHP.)

Thread: Dyno & Data Logging | Stock vs. Supersprint V1 Stepped Headers

Zpost member sabbanick Z4M (Evolve’s previous thread):
Stock vs Supersprint V1 Headers

SS Stepped Header V2 (Part No. 044901)
Stepped designed much like the V1, only these headers are compatible with the stock section 1 or euro cats. These headers provide gains throughout the entire rpm range much like the V1, however if you want to squeeze the absolute max HP out of your engine, stick with the V1 which provide a little more power throughout the rev-range compared to the V2.

“Step Header Design

Step Headers (Version 2)-Will also bolt on to O.E. Section 1

This patented design is quite unique in that it offers a smaller diameter primary tube that starts at the engines exhaust port and later increases to a greater diameter at a specific distance from the cylinder head. The result from the larger tube is maximum horsepower at high RPM, while the small tube maximizes low-end torque.
Note:*New FLANGED design will fit to OE Section I on both E46 M3s and Z4 M coupes and Roadsters.”
SuperSprint North America

Here is a thread that reviews and compares both the V1 and V2 Stepped Headers:

SS Non-Stepped (tubolare) Headers (US Part No. 043901 & Euro Part No. 787501):
Between the Euro headers and the SS Non-Stepped headers – Most after market headers copy one of these 2 designs for the S54. Proven gains over stock. Highest quality non-stepped bi-header system. At the price of these non-stepped headers, why go with another aftermarket brand that just copied the design?

SS Decat Section 1 (Part No. 044012:)
Required for SS Stepped V1 if you want to run catless.

“All Supersprint alternate connecting pipes are mandrel bent for maximum performance. The alternate pipe is designed to replace a resonator that is standard in that same position. This option will increase sound slightly and reduce overall system cost. The polished pipes are manufactured from 100% 304 stainless steel, while the black pipes are aluminized mild steel.”

SS HJS High Flow Race Catted-Section 1 (Part No. 044002):
Required for the SS Stepped V1 if you want to run with cats.
100 C.P.S.I per section
Simply put, HJS makes the BEST and highest flowing cats on the market. Pricing on cats typically have a linear relationship with how much precious metals were used to make them, which is why these command such a high price.

Originally Posted by Custom Performance
“Supersprint uses the HJS cats on the section 1 pipes because of the superior flow characteristics and efficiency. HJS catalytic converters have a higher content of precious metals (25 grams total) as compared to other aftermarket catalysts which range from 5 to 10 grams. This is why the HJS 100 cell cats are OBDII compliant.”

– Jack, Custom Performance


“High horse power performance applications require the durability and free flow characteristics of metallic racing catalytic converters. Turning up the power or using you car on the track will quickly melt down and damage your O.E. ceramic catalytic converter. Each racing converter is manufactured to racing specifications utilizing a high heat resistant metallic core. The reduced cell count from the O.E. 400 C.P.S.I. to a high flow 100 C.P.S.I. makes the Supersprint racing converters the most free flowing on the market today. All components are 100% stainless steel, and all tubing is mandrel bent to assure you the highest flow volume.”

Research and Development:

“The engineers at Supersprint realize that for maximum performance, exhaust development must begin at the exhaust ports of the cylinder head. This is why Supersprint has the largest variety of racing header systems in the world today. Each header incorporates CNC laser cut port matched flanges. Primary tubes are mandrel bent using the latest CNC tube bending equipment. With special tooling Supersprint has been able to keep weld joints to a minimum for added reliability. The fully appointed R&D department uses the latest in proto typing equipment along with the reliability and accuracy of a MAHA "all wheel drive" chassis dyno. With over 50 years in performance exhaust development they have earned the confidence of many of Europe's most respected tuners.”
-Super Sprint

Whether you are interested or not, I invite you to take a look at the Supersprint manufacturing facility in Italy, as documented by one of the most well-respected forum members on M3forum (Obioban) and an second look from Paul at Evolve. I think you will find these two threads most interesting to see just how much research, development, and manufacturing that goes into these headers and the entire line-up at Superspring:


FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't work for SuperSprint, nor am I being paid by SuperSprint. My goal is to bring the best headers that the market has to offer at affordable Group-Buy prices!
*I reserve the right to update this post as things develop.

Dr M3an M3 Sat, Jun-10-2017 03:18:33 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread
* = tentatively.

I will update this list once I start sending out invoices. I am going to give it a week since I decided to open up the GB to all parts for all makes and models. Rest assured I have a comprehensive list with your name on it, if you have requested to be apart of this. We have many many more than 10 orders. So the discounts won't be any problem for any of you. =)

Feel free to email me at: if you would like to be apart of this GB.

Group-Buy List:
1. Rfacteur
2. Mantii
3. Brian N*
4. dptmachin
5. Big Alex
6. Rennsports121
7. OneFastSicilian*
9. Speed Monkey
10. ///M3_LETTY
11. VaruzhM3
12. OpusX
13. Sirenty
14. justin m3

rpearl555 Sat, Jun-10-2017 03:42:17 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread
Dr M3an why do you insist on hurting me with all these ****ing awesome group buys

Dr M3an M3 Sat, Jun-10-2017 03:50:54 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread

Originally Posted by rpearl555 (Post 1067671505)
Dr M3an why do you insist on hurting me with all these ****ing awesome group buys

They call me M3an for a reason! ;)
Let me know if I shall add you to the list.

aab010799 Sat, Jun-10-2017 03:56:30 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread
So awesome!! I know one day I will regret not hopping in on this GB but my car is already stealing all my money in every other way hahah.

OpusX Sat, Jun-10-2017 04:20:25 AM

Re: **GROUP-BUY: 2017 SuperSprint Header Mega Thread
10+ for the same item or 10+ of mixed products? If the later, can I also get pricing for SS race exhaust and non-res section 2?

I have the SS stepped v1 headed with carted section one and they're one of the best mods on my car. Amazing price!

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WOLFN8TR Sat, Jun-10-2017 04:21:30 AM

Re: **GROUP-BUY: 2017 SuperSprint Header Mega Thread
The GB King, Nice work!! [emoji106]

toy4to Sat, Jun-10-2017 04:39:40 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread
If it can be added, I'm interested in a resonated x-pipe (section 2).

Rfacteur Sat, Jun-10-2017 04:46:09 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread
Perfect timing! Looking to complete my full SS system and willing to try catless for the summer if this goes through quickly.

Add me to the list for

SS Stepped Header V2 (Part No. 044901)
Supersprint Section 1 Connecting Pipe (Part No. 022 787 512) if you can add these to the GB

Any way we could add a header installation kit with gaskets/studs/nuts?

Mantii Sat, Jun-10-2017 04:47:39 AM

Re: 2017 SuperSprint Header Group-Buy Mega Thread
I'd be interested in the V1 stepped headers and Catless section 1- part# 044001 and 044012

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