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EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 08:04:01 AM

The Window Sticker Thread
E92 M3:

Audi S5:

Audi RS4:

A8 L:



Ferrari 308 GTS:

Ferrari 355 GTS:

Ferrari 328GTS:

06' BMW M5:

Ferrari F40:

Maybach 57:

512 TR:

F360 Spyder:

F430 Spyder:

Porsche 993:

Ferrari Enzo:

This label is also found in every Enzo:

EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 08:14:59 AM



Challenger 800 Sun, Mar-23-2008 03:10:04 PM

Christ on a bike
The LP 640 has a 5400 Gas Guzzler chg and almost $7K in destination ..

I understand the gas chg but the destination chg WTF ..

On the F cars it is only $1700 or so..

On a similar note
The huge Lambo super store, Lamborghini of Palm Beach is nearing completion just down the street from the hospital :halm:

I spotted 4 LP 640's and 6 Gallardos being housed at a Bently/RR reception center(where they roll off the truck and get primped and detailed before moving to the showroom) across the street from the dlr, last week. :drool:

Cyrus Sun, Mar-23-2008 03:35:29 PM

The Scuderia shields on the 355 were $800. Aren't they like $4,000 now??

Challenger 800 Sun, Mar-23-2008 04:11:20 PM


Originally Posted by Cyrus (Post 2865977)
The Scuderia shields on the 355 were $800. Aren't they like $4,000 now??

why are they even an option ?? can you imagne paying extra for Roundels or a M badge.

EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 04:16:31 PM

Here's the window sticker of the Stealth R/T Turbo... The high MSRPs of the Turbo Z, Stealth, 3000GT, RX-7, Supra is what killed them

EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 04:20:09 PM

notice on the F40's window sticker... Those were the days when 12/17 fuel economy had an estimated annual fuel cost of $1275

EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 04:24:28 PM

The last of the great Maximas

EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 04:27:14 PM

EKaru Sun, Mar-23-2008 04:28:55 PM

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