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m3forum Fri, Aug-30-2002 05:43:58 PM

How to Login/Retrieve Lost Password
I guess I've been working with the board for so long now I tend to take some things for granted which may be confusing to someone new to the board. So, here's how to login (I will pin a topic on how to login):

Several ways to login,

1) On the forum Homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a login form on the right. Type in your username and password (See below if you have forgotten your password and need to retrieve it).

2) On the "Past 24 hrs" page (see silver button on top of page), you will also see the same login form as discussed in (1). This page will also filter out posts by unregistered users if you just want to see posts associated with a username.

3) When you make a post, there's two text boxes where you can enter your Username and your Password. Just input them at the same time you make a post and it will log you in. (NOTE FOR AOL USERS: This method is not recommended if you are using the AOL browser as it will log you in for the post but will not keep you logged in once the post is made).

4) You can go to the separate Login Page and login by inputting your Username and Password.

If you have forgotten your password and need to retrieve it, you can go here to RESET your password. You will need the original email with which you registered.

I hope this helps. I will make some layout changes to make the login process more user friendly.

Any questions/suggestions, hit me up on PM.



NY BORI M3 Wed, Apr-07-2004 02:13:12 PM

Thank You Frank.

916 Views and no Thanks. They don't deserve M3's.

mootsland Fri, Jun-04-2004 07:27:57 AM

well i kinda knew that, thanks?

Tove Tue, Feb-28-2017 03:03:30 PM

Re: How to Login/Retrieve Lost Password
Thanks Frank, I read this post the other day and had to use the reset info today.

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