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firebelly Sun, Aug-06-2017 11:44:05 PM

Track Shoes for Sale
After 8 years of ownership I've sold my 09 E90 M3. A little sad for sure. The only thing left is my track shoes...a square setup of Forgeline ZX3R wheels. I bought these from Turner Motorsport and used them for 5 or 6 track days. They are 18" x 10" and currently have Michelin Pilot Super Sports on them. 275/35/18's. These tires likely need replacing. Yes...these wheels fit over the stock brakes. The wheels are black with transparent blue outer rim. They have the "jet nut" upgrade which is lighter than stainless but heavier than titanium. These wheels are super light and provide a noticeable upgrade in performance on track. The square setup allows them to be rotated to any corner...maximizing precious tire life!

I'm not very good at I apologize if this should be posted somewhere else. I'm happy to provide pics...etc...and wasn't sure how to post them on the forum. I paid $3500 bucks for these wheels...I'd like to net $2000 bucks.

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