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M3cosmos95 Sun, Mar-30-2008 02:00:56 AM

M3cosmos95 - An epic build
In may 2006 I bought my beautiful Cosmos Black 1995 BMW M3 after my first year of college. My goal was to learn how to build and work on cars...I think that I have completed my goal:roll:

The first picture i took after i bought my M3:

Soon after that I was in a fairly bad was only later that i realized the PO had mounted the directional tires backwards!:taser:

The day after the accident I drove it to the body shop and got a very quick fix that wasn't very good.

After I got it back I bought a cheap polyurethane bumper off of ebay for 100 was shitty, but it did the job.

The first photo shoot after my M was half fixed with a primer bumper and door:

M3cosmos95 Sun, Mar-30-2008 02:01:30 AM

Rebuilding the top half of the motor!
The major things to not here are the Sunbelt Sport Cams and the 96+ valve retainers! the head was fully disassembled and cleaned. It was also inspected and repaired where ever necessary(which wasn't much at all). Basically everything was replaced with a brand new part.:dance:

The strip down:

then it took two weeks to get my head back and I reassembled the parts
Here are some pics of a later date lol

Suspension upgrade!
koni adjustables with H&R race springs...along with some other goodies!

M3cosmos95 Sun, Mar-30-2008 02:02:10 AM

Supercharger install time!!!!

The kit is an Active Autowerkes C-30 kit and they don't sell it for the M3 anymore...i had bad timing lol.
The entire thing took about 2 days and that was fairly spread out.

DAY 1:
Tear down

installing SC

supercharger just installed

The intake piping is installed wrong but i fixed it later lol

rough placement of the intercooler

supercharger traction oil tank

traction oil tank

running the traction oil lines

traction oil cooler

oil cooler

top of oil cooler

injectors installed...time for the DME

Taking out the DME

My cars DME

DAY 2:
Still installed wrong but thats alright it ran fine!

full engine bay


charcoal filter

MMMMM:drool: front mount!

Intake piping installed correctly!


The ///M3 next to my friend Brandon's SR20 powered 240sx

Photo shoot time!

M3cosmos95 Sun, Mar-30-2008 02:16:41 AM

Finally all the body damage and paint damage from my accident is finally repaired!

Finally New Paint!

Then off to another photo shoot!

Nice dirty engine bay!

No More Primer!

Can you tell it was in an accident?

ooooo sun set!

After I got the car back to Florida!

Then two weeks later...disaster strikes!
traction oil mixed with belt dust

The leak

The leak close up

And a video of what it shouldn't sound like!

And Now It's Fixed!:woohoo:

And after!

Mmmm:drool: the M at sunset!

Added an OEM High Arch Wing and a new trunk!

Added a new Alpine head unit!

M3cosmos95 Sun, Mar-30-2008 06:00:54 AM

Some recent pics:

Full list of parts that have gone into my M3

rebuilt head using all new parts(i did the work myself)
Sunbelt sport cams
AA C30-94 Super charger kit
VAC .80" head gasket
Koni adjustable shocks
H&R race springs
Rotora slotted rotors
Dinan exhaust
Rouge Engineering RSM's
Rouge Engineering Tranny Mounts
BimmerWorld Performance engine mounts
Z3 reinforcement plates
PWR aluminum radiator
stewart high performance water pump
Euro HFM
Turner Adjustable Rear Control
DINAN air intake
Boost gauge
AA track pipe
LeatherZ weighted shift knob
Powerflex RTAB
RTAB reinforcement plates

knock sensors
rocker panel
lots and lots of bolts and nuts
Front bumper
twisty side skirt
front lip
spring pads
exhaust gaskets
some bushings
OEM clear corners
engine coolant hoses
overflow hose
expansion tank
fan shroud
engine cover plugs
fog lights
chromium bulbs
center ashtray instead of cup holder
aluminum thermostat housing
secondary timing chain
secondary timing chain tensioner
refurbished head
OEM high arch wing
power steering lines

Alpine iDA-X100 head unit
MB Quart speakers
Rockford Fosgate Amp

VDO Boost/Vac gauge installed in drivers side vent
removed cup holder center tray for ltw style center console with ash tray.

AEM AFR gauge (in my living room as well)
LeatherZ 3 gauge pod for center consol
DEFI oil pressure and temp gauge
Shorty headers (not sure which brand)
B&B triflow exhaust (my dinan is just too quiet!)
Bosch euro headlights
Some kind of lightweight rims maybe LTW5's
OEM front control arms
Treehouse front control arm bushings
3 spoke steering wheel
custom tune

KnudsonsM3 Sun, Mar-30-2008 07:26:04 AM

Dude good writup.

Post pix once she runnin again:)

And vids.

M3cosmos95 Sun, Mar-30-2008 07:29:58 PM


Originally Posted by KnudsonsM3 (Post 2884577)
Dude good writup.

Post pix once she runnin again:)

And vids.

thanks dude! I will get pics and vids hopefully by the end of the week...if active keeps their word:roll:

FAST98 Mon, Mar-31-2008 05:01:08 PM


Originally Posted by M3cosmos95 (Post 2885205)
thanks dude! I will get pics and vids hopefully by the end of the week...if active keeps their word:roll:

Well lets hope so for yours and thier sake :thumbsup2:

BMWridin89 Mon, Mar-31-2008 05:30:37 PM

Nice write up when are the rims coming?

M3cosmos95 Tue, Apr-01-2008 08:52:48 PM


Originally Posted by FAST98 (Post 2887075)
Well lets hope so for yours and thier sake :thumbsup2:

haha yea if it takes much longer im gonna drive down to active and demand a new charger!


Originally Posted by BMWridin89 (Post 2887144)
Nice write up when are the rims coming?

no clue...I don't know what brand i want yet, and i don't have 2 grand to spend on them right now either

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