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Obioban Mon, Jun-05-2017 11:28:31 PM

Turner's new monoball FCABs



Product Details

Our experience with spherical front control arm bushings go back to those we designed and used in our IMSA E90 328i and E92 M3 racecars (GS class Champions in 2011). For this application, our engineers selected a sealed spherical monoball with an inner Delrin® sleeve for precise fitment. While race-ready, our monoball control arm bearings are more at home on the street than other kits that are advertised as race bushings. We did extensive street, autocross, and track testing to ensure the spherical bearing used in this bushing design excelled in each setting.

The advantage of a monoball bearing is that it will not deflect under load. All rubber bushings, including those found in the M3, move in all sorts of directions and that changes your alignment, especially when being pushed hard. These changes stand between you and a crisp, confidence-inspiring driving experience. Our monoball sits in a grease-able CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing which has zero deflection. The monoball allows complete freedom of movement - but only at the desired angles. What you get is superior steering precision with better handling from more consistent alignment, and almost infinite bushing life. Thanks to the inner liner and sealed rubber boots, there's none of the extra noise or reduced service life found on some spherical bearings.

In short, if you're seeking front control arm bushings that offer precise, predictable handling, with a long service life free from noise - look no further. We have you covered.

Bearing housing
Manufactured using 6061-T6 blue anodized aluminum with a pre-installed grease fitting and grease distribution channels making this a serviceable design
Knurling allows for a wide variance in lollipop dimension, although this particular SKU comes pre-installed, so you won't need to worry about that. Want to install your own? Click here.
A high quality sealed bearing with Delrin® inserts. Delrin® was chosen due to durability under pressure, while still soft enough to create a perfect play-free fitment on the control arm.
Includes new hardware. Grease before installation (grease tool and grease included) and with each oil service for maximum service life. Installation is relatively easy - see our instructions here.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006 E46 BMW M3

Going to have to get a set of these!

Bimmerman325i Mon, Jun-05-2017 11:53:10 PM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
Same, I'm very interested in these. I was wondering when a thread would appear!

My Treehouse inserts are worn and I want something a bit stiffer than the OE rubber I replaced them with.

tjkenny15 Tue, Jun-06-2017 12:01:04 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
Tuner Motorsport, just take my money :drool:

I'm in for some reviews.

Brian N Tue, Jun-06-2017 12:22:51 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs

Now they just need to make a sealed version of the bimmerworld lightweight race control arm. That helps corrects the rollcenter for those of us that are lowered. (Which I think bimmerworld stole the idea from the BMW race division.) Please Turner please!

aznbo187 Tue, Jun-06-2017 12:47:55 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
Perfect timing. Going to order these soon and post a review. Now they just need to make a more streetable (sealed, replaceable bearing) version of their RTABs.

11b4 Tue, Jun-06-2017 12:52:40 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
Are monoball loud like poly? And how much better is the life span? I'm looking into fcabs and this might be my answer

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benzthis Tue, Jun-06-2017 01:31:39 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
if it's sealed,why would we have to grease it?

twentyseven Tue, Jun-06-2017 03:19:54 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
Is there really that much deflection in the E46 FCAB's? I always thought they were fairly stiff - solid (no gaps, like E36) and not a very large 'donut' area within the bracket..


Originally Posted by aznbo187 (Post 1067668507)
Perfect timing. Going to order these soon and post a review. Now they just need to make a more streetable (sealed, replaceable bearing) version of their RTABs.

Options already exist

Malloy Tue, Jun-06-2017 03:28:58 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
Oh hell yea, thanks for the tip.

802Hoop Tue, Jun-06-2017 03:56:38 AM

Re: Turner's new monoball FCABs
I've been wondering why something like this hasn't been made available sooner. Got to hand it to Turner for their continued innovation and attention to the E46 market. :thumbsup2:

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