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VailM3 Tue, Sep-12-2017 12:26:02 PM

2018 RS4 Arrives

Despite half a decade passing though, Audi still deems 450hp to be sufficient for its most potent A4. Only now it comes from a 2.9-litre, bi-turbo V6 (shared with the RS5) rather than the 4.2-litre, naturally aspirated V8 you got previously. It's not all doom and gloom on the numbers front though. Where the old car was often criticized for being down on torque, the new one steps up to the plate with 442lb ft - 125lb ft more than before - available all the way from 1,900 to 5,000rpm. And, well, twin-turbo V6s have worked OK in RS4s before...

Combine that grunt with the new eight-speed tiptronic and the RS4's Quattro all-wheel drive, and a planted right foot will see you getting from 0-62 in just 4.1 seconds - more than half a second quicker than the B8. Top speed is a limited 155mph but can be lifted via the RS Dynamic package to 174mph.

Other tricks up the B9's sleeve include an optional rear sport differential, optional RS Sport Suspension Plus with Dynamic Ride Control, optional ceramic brakes and optional Dynamic Steering. In short, a lot of ways to very quickly make this a very expensive proposition.

One area the new car will hopefully not be so damaging to your wallet though is at the pump. Weighing 80kg less than before, this RS4 is 17 per cent more efficient than its predecessor, hopefully making not only for a more agile and dynamic ride, but a more frugal one too.

Styling inspiration is said to have been taken from the Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO - because why wouldn't you remind everyone you made that at every possible opportunity - with aggressively flared intakes, and arches that are 30mm wider than standard. There are 19-inch forged aluminium wheels, with 20-inch rims optional, as well as an RS diffuser and the gigantic oval exhausts familiar from before. Nogaro Blue also returns as a paint colour, this car sharing more in common with the RS2 that originally bore the famous hue than the last RS4 to wear it.

Inside there's a flat bottomed steering wheel, of course, RS Sport seats and a healthy smattering of RS badges. The Virtual Cockpit and HUD now also gain the ability to display RS specific information such as g-force without your eyes having to leave the road. Well that's one way to make the commute more interesting!

The new RS4 can be ordered from the autumn onwards with pricing starting in Europe at 79,800 euros.

VailM3 Tue, Sep-12-2017 12:27:58 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives

HBspeed Tue, Sep-12-2017 01:26:22 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives
That soulless engine makes a lot more sense in a wagon than a 2 door.

Would be nice to get here in the USA, would maybe consider? Def a lot more consideration than RS5.

maditalian Tue, Sep-12-2017 04:26:32 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives
I'd hit that.

LALaw Tue, Sep-12-2017 05:15:45 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives
^^ Get this instead of the poverty 911

Viceroy Tue, Sep-12-2017 05:30:43 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives
Wood berry. Such a clean look, unlike much of what BMW's offering these days :facepalm: Also really digging the wheels.

Intredasting Tue, Sep-12-2017 06:37:33 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives
Why do Americans hate wagons so much? This is the sex.

maditalian Tue, Sep-12-2017 06:50:23 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives

Originally Posted by LALaw (Post 1067718959)
^^ Get this instead of the poverty 911

Methinks I wont be able to get this for 40k. Jussayin'.

LALaw Tue, Sep-12-2017 07:00:54 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives
Make them an offer they can't refuse or ask boss to pay the difference since labels mean so much

Voss Tue, Sep-12-2017 07:11:47 PM

Re: 2018 RS4 Arrives

Originally Posted by Intredasting (Post 1067719000)
Why do Americans hate wagons so much? This is the sex.

Becuz SUVs. 'Murica.

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