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pcgizzmo Sat, Jun-10-2017 05:35:20 AM

2011 with 18,900 miles. Thoughts?
Hello everyone, I'm seriously considering buying a 2011 M3 coupe I found with 18,900 miles. Seems hardly broken in.

The car is for sale at a local BMW dealer. The Car Fax shows two owners. The first owner drove the car a total of 12,741 miles in 2 years 5 months. The second owner drove the car 1800 miles a year for the next 4 year.

So, I've read on here about bearing failures, throttle actuators going bad. Besides those things is there anything else to worry about or would the low mileage on this car actually scare anyone away?

Also, I wondered if people are putting a different oil than BMW recommends due to it being so thick. I live in Texas which should help it some but just curious.

I'm also open to any current good 3rd party warranty companies. I know there aren't any "true" good companies but I can't have a 2011 car not have a warranty even with low miles. I will try and just find the best company I can and buy one and hope for the best.

Thanks in advance.

Rez Sat, Jun-10-2017 01:18:47 PM

Re: 2011 with 18,900 miles. Thoughts?
I would not worry about low miles, it maybe just a weekend car and /or babied. As long as service history is up to date you should be ok. Not sure about good warranty companies, heard Fidelity is good but first hand experience.
Alternatively you can spend the money by replacing the bearings and enjoying the car, they are fairly reliable other than the two issues you mentioned.

SYT_Shadow Mon, Jun-12-2017 05:45:33 PM

Re: 2011 with 18,900 miles. Thoughts?
Most people stick to the BMW recommended oil

You can either replace the rod bearings preventatively -the single 'boom' issue this car has- or just get an extended warranty

If TA's fail, the car goes into limp mode but continues to function and nothing terrible happens, so I would not replace preventatively

pcgizzmo Mon, Jun-12-2017 08:34:47 PM

Re: 2011 with 18,900 miles. Thoughts?
Thanks for the info. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. I've been shopping warranties and have some prices with companies others have mentioned on hear that seemed to cover repairs.

I'll see what the dealer has to offer as well.

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