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Gabs94 Thu, Dec-19-2019 11:46:34 PM

Gabs94 happy to join you !
Hello everyone :hattip: !

Greetings from France fellow M3 lovers :thumbsup2:.

So here I am, name is Gabriel, I'm french, live in Cherbourg exactly, and I'm a big fan of E36's in general, and especially the M3 3.2 which I used to have in sedan version, and now have in coupe.

I'm 25, have an engineering degree (which is kind of equivalent to a masters degree in a mix of maths/phyisics/engineering sciences), and now work on inspecting submarine pieces.

In terms of car, I used to have a technoviolett on hellgrau sedan, with an S50B32 engine (321 hp). It had about 200 000 miles (330 000km) when I bought it, and I put roughly 12 000 miles on it, having major service works done by a guy in Normandy who specialises in E36 M3s.

Great car I was planning to keep, until another french forum member put his very nice Estoril / Amareta coupe for sail, fairly cheap. That car had a full engine rebuild (or so I thought), low miles compared to mine, and plenty of nice parts on it. Plus that had always been the configuration I was looking for. Only two options on it : washer jets for the lights and a blue windshield strip. Plus France's base configuration (meaning automatic AC). Thus, it is about 100kg lighter that my sedan, which was very heavily equiped. So I sold my sedan for cheap and bought the coupe.

So, the reason why I signed up on this forum is because basically the engine in my blue M3 is blown :facepalm:. The block is ok, but it needs to be absolutly stripped and rebuilt correctly because bad mistakes were made by the previous owner, which led to the rods machining the crankshaft, and the pistons colliding with the valves :thumbsdown:. I'll go into details when I post on the E36 forum.

But when you're passionate about something, you can't just rebuild fast and cheap. I want to continue the "upgrades" that were started by the previous owner and do much better. Or at least try. And since I've been looking for info on the net, it seems like just kept popping up and so I had to finally get on here and talk to you all about that project, because it seems there are some very E36 educated people around here ^^ !

If you have any advice on how to use the forum, or if you feel like I haven't said enough or done enough or whatever, please let me know. I am not accustomed to this forum, and if I make mistakes, they will not be on purpouse. Lastly, and I don't want to be that guy, but you can understand my english won't be the best since it's not my native language. But I'll try to be as precise as I can.

Best regards,


TboneM3 Mon, Dec-23-2019 06:11:03 PM

Re: Gabs94 happy to join you !
Bienvenue Gabriel. You'll find more action in the E36 M specific sub-forum.

Gabs94 Thu, Dec-26-2019 04:38:08 PM

Re: Gabs94 happy to join you !
Thanks !

Ok, I'll go copy and past this presentation there if I'm able to post.
I'm just used to the way we do things on our forum. Presentations on the presentation area and then a car thread in the e36 section.
So I'll go and do that now ;)

Great seats in your e46 btw !!

kritka33 Thu, Jan-02-2020 06:01:23 PM

Re: Gabs94 happy to join you !
Hello Gabriel, welcome to m3forum, me too a big fan of E36....!

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