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kjchristopher Tue, Nov-05-2019 02:59:25 AM

Dallas Independent Shop
Any recommended indy shops in the Dallas area? I need a little help diagnosing an engine stumble as well as discuss S54s.

mthreeltw Tue, Nov-05-2019 01:01:20 PM

Re: Dallas Independent Shop
clown shoe off of 35 will certainly know S54s. i worked with them on several occasions. they also work on my 944 turbo. fifth gear in lewisville is also a good choice.

deeznutz972 Tue, Nov-05-2019 03:51:23 PM

Re: Dallas Independent Shop
personally i wouldn't recommend going anywhere other than Mporium

kjchristopher Thu, Nov-07-2019 03:06:58 AM

Re: Dallas Independent Shop
thanks guys

mthreeltw Thu, Nov-07-2019 02:42:32 PM

Re: Dallas Independent Shop
i've heard nothing but great things about the dude at mporium. if he's close to you, can't argue that recommendation.

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