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ComCool Wed, Jul-11-2018 04:04:02 PM

Bimmian and the story of the rings
So I bought some weisslicht halos for my car some time ago. Find out that I need 4 big rings for my setup. And they shipped 2 small and 2 big.

I write Ed and he says to write customer service. They take forever to answer. Allot og excuses about some from customer service just having babyer. The warranty is over so the only option I have is to pay $115 for 2 new rings.

I then get the rings bit they are not weisslicht.
- The halo rings are blue in color.
- The clip is a part op the ring and can not be moves.
- Diffrent/missing connectores.
- Diffrent color wires.

I then write with Ed back and forth and he is telling me I got weisslicht rings and claiming Iím wrong. He tell me to write customer service. I then send Ed pictures of the rings. He starts to apologize. He has never seen blue rings before claming someone took some wrong parts of the shelf. He tell me that customer service will write me.

Then som guy called David writes me saying they do not carry weisslicht anymore. So I have to get a refund.

Then I write Ed. He says they do carrey weisslicht and have done so for 10 years.
But now they can not get any new rings and do not know if they ever will because of a new owner.

So I am not stuck with half a halo kit installed.

Why is it some companys need to tell so many stories?

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