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Car seemed to have lost power...

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Posted Thu, Feb-26-2009 at 03:47:48 AM by AlpineM32003

Just a few weeks ago I took my car in for the inspection 1 valve adjustment. It took the dealer several hours to perform and when I received the car back it was running great. Two days later as I was driving home from work and I noticed my car was making a tapping noise near where the valves were located. I took my car back to the dealer and it took them two hours to diagnose the issue. The culprit was a damaged/bent spring clip on cylinder #6 on exhaust cam. They replaced the damaged spring clip and told me that they witness this issue on 2003 M3ís after the valve adjustments were done. In my opinion, I think they messed up on something and therefore realized it and replaced the part for me for no charge. Well, a few days later as I was doing about 60-70mph in 6th I down shifted into 5th in sport mode to pass a car. As I shifted into 6th, the car bucked as if it was no longer getting fuel. I pressed the gas peddle to speed up but the car seemed to have loss power. I could not speed up and the tac was at 3,000-3,500rpms but could not pass this mark. As I was exiting the highway I downshifted all the way down to 2nd and came to a stop at a stop light. All this happened within less than 2 minutes. As I came to a stop and pulled off in 1st and into 2nd the car still felt that it was not responding and just revved up to roughly 3,000rpm through the shifts. Than all the sudden the car recovered and all was back to normal. Within this time when I witness this issue for the first time, no SES lights, no check engine light and no DSC light appeared. In addition, all temperature readings were normal. Car did not overheat. The issue is intermittent and has only happened twice within a week and a half. The weird thing is that both times that this happened I was on the same part of the highway. It is very weird. It had not happened anywhere else. So that is my issue. I am taking the car back to the dealer this Saturday to have them take a look at the car again. In the mean time, I have cleaned the MAF and put valvoline fuel injector cleaner into my tank. This made a difference in but I am sure it did not resolve my issue. I have read many postings on here about people with similar issues with the M3. Has anyone had the same issue I had and if so, what was the cure. Any information would be great. Thanks everyone!
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