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View Full Version : Brake work Advice in N. VA

Mon, Jan-09-2006, 04:21:55 PM
I just ordered some SS brake lines and new Axxis Deluxe pads. Any suggestions on a good shop near Arlington that would be willing to swap them in?
Would like to hear from people that have done it on their M3. I understand that there are a couple extra parts that come with the Stop Tech SS lines that need to be used with an M3 that some mechs might not have experience with.

I also like the Zeckhausen technique of brake fluid bleeding so if you know a mech that wouldn't get upset by my requesting he follow that also send that along.


Thu, Jan-12-2006, 07:05:18 PM
i have a friend that races with me, he is a professional mechanic too. i installed the lines and the pads by myself and its really no rocket science. so i would suggest u doing it yourself .... but if u want a professional let me tell my friend, he will come to your place and do it there (with his tools and all) and he will do it in front of u so u can ask him things and make him do it anyway u want to have it done.
if u are interested, pm me and i will let david know about it.