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View Full Version : Optimal Racing Car, E36 or E30 ???

Thu, May-15-2003, 10:01:46 PM
Need some help deciding what car to get for racing school/racing in SCCA. What car is better suited for track use the E30 M3 or an E36 325 (i.e. better handling car)??. Which car would require less maintenance and less money to fix on the event of an accident (hoe hard is it to find spare part for both)? Which car would you guys recommend and why, please be specific (details).

Fri, May-16-2003, 12:49:06 AM
it depends how much u have to spend

if u are looking for a no worry type deal, i would suggest a 325i sedan (loads more rigid then the coupe for tracking) . . .

but there is a special place in my heart for the e30 . . . the m3 in particular, however, has hard to find parts and might be a handful if u decide to buy the wrong one (and get it back in shape)

u also might want to consider an e30 3 series with an engine swap . . . (u have a few of choices on BMW engines to use)

in any case, can u try and set ur realistic budget limit?

BMW M Power
Sat, Jun-14-2003, 08:21:59 AM
personally, i'd go E30 M3 for the track, u know it will handle good when it is known that the E30 was the best handling M3. E36 comes in second and the E46 is the worst, but that isnt saying that the handling sucks. plus, with the weight of the car, and the possible engine swap, u could have yourself a real monster. but that is just my opinion. good luck

m3 driven
Tue, Jun-24-2003, 03:37:24 AM

BMW M Power
Tue, Jun-24-2003, 06:53:55 AM
Originally posted by m3 driven
E46 yes, the E46 is a great track car........If you have 50 grand to blow:D

Tue, Jun-24-2003, 02:39:28 PM
and want ur car to weigh in at 3400 lbs..

m3 driven
Thu, Jul-17-2003, 05:28:05 PM