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View Full Version : Just ordered a K&N FIPK II intake...need help with install!!

Tue, Nov-22-2005, 03:28:22 PM
Hi guys,

I just ordered a K&N FIPK II intake kit on EBAY for my 1999 M3. It should be arriving within a week or so, and the install instructions seem fairly easy BUT I am not very mechanically inclined and would rather entrust the job to someone with experience/skills at performing the install!!

Is there anyone in the NOVA area (I live near Tysons Corner) who can do the install for me? I can offer either cash (say, around $25-$30) or a couple 12 packs of your choice beer!!

Please don't let me take my car to some random mechanic who will probably rip me off and do a bad job at that!! If you can help, please send an e-mail my way at rrodrigo33@yahoo.com

Sun, Nov-27-2005, 07:47:29 PM
Check over here (http://www.eastcoasteuro.net/forum/) or here (http://bimmerforums.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=162). You'll probably get more help/response at either one.

Fri, Dec-02-2005, 11:01:44 PM
ECE may be doing an install day sometime soon, so we'll look into it.