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Wed, Jul-27-2005, 02:09:24 AM
Please support our sponsor: Active Autowerke (http://www.activeautowerke.com)

Wed, Jul-27-2005, 05:16:15 PM
Hey guys this is Jean from Active Autowerke,

We are really excited to now be a part of such a well organized forum. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. :peace:

Tue, Aug-23-2005, 05:13:56 PM
Hey guys,

Just letting you know I have specials going on for the E46 M3 SC kits. PM or email me for details.


Tue, Jul-29-2008, 08:37:09 PM
thanks again

Tue, Jul-29-2008, 08:40:05 PM
Thank You.

Sat, Jan-15-2011, 08:28:45 PM
2002/02 e46 BMW M3 convertible, 6sp, K&N 69;

So i have finally decided to spend some money on aftermarket software.
There all factors will need to be taken in the account.

please PM me software details if you have any.

max HP gain:
max Torque gain:
avg HP gain:
avg Torque gain:
re-flashing cost:
Governor removal: yes/no
RPM limit: any/set to...
any O2 sensors needed?: yes/no
anything else to add:

thank you.
Nickolay M.

Sun, Apr-03-2011, 04:59:21 PM
is the group buy for the N/A tune still available

Frankenstein M3
Mon, Nov-28-2011, 03:00:30 AM
Is AA still a sponsor since Jean and Omar are no longer employed by AA?

Mon, Feb-13-2012, 03:51:57 AM
Did we figure this out? Who is the AA rep?

Frankenstein M3
Mon, Feb-13-2012, 03:07:46 PM
nope. call them. they play hard to get even on e46fan.

Wed, Feb-15-2012, 03:07:55 AM
V, Where you at!!!??

Thu, Mar-08-2012, 05:32:17 PM
Adv1 FlowSpec[/CENTER][/B]






Hello M3 Forum,

We currently have one set of brand new Adv1 5.1C FlowSpec Wheels in Matte Black Finish left in stock and ready to ship.

Fitment: E9X M3

Size: 20

Front 8.5
Rear 10

Retail $2800

Sale Price $2500 Shipped with the lower 48 states

Please Pm, Call or Email me to order!

Thu, Mar-08-2012, 05:39:38 PM
I just saw this and wanted to personally say sorry that no one has been around. Weve been busy and we've made some changes, But I am Andres will be the new representative on this forum. If you ever need any thing or have ANY questions. please feel free to PM, call or email me. As soon as i can get some new specials on our AA Products. I'll post them ASAP.


Mon, Sep-30-2013, 01:29:45 PM
Once again, we're back and no more playing around. This time we're here to stay, just give me another chance. Shoot me an email, PM or anything else you want. My name is Yomny and i'll be your active rep on this forum. Thanks

Tue, Oct-01-2013, 01:41:34 PM
Hello Fellow Forum Members,

I would like to formally introduce myself to the M3Forum Community, my name is Viral Vahia and I am one of the lead salesman at Active Autowerke. I may have crossed paths with some of you in the past, whether it be forum posts or previous sales relationships. I have been with Active Autowerke for 5+ Years and have dealt with a few F/I applications with my own BMWs and countless others on customer's cars. I would like to offer my support to help continue to the F/I community helping it grow and learn along the way. Please feel free to PM or contact me directly by phone or E-Mail listed below.

Best Regards,

Fri, Jan-10-2014, 06:49:10 PM
Hey, guys feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions. I'll try my best to help and provide you with the best solution. :) Happy Driving. :hattip:

Mon, Nov-10-2014, 02:19:13 PM
For fastest response regarding our current Specials & Sales please contact me directly via E-Mail at Viral@activeautowerke.com :thumbsup2: