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Sat, Jan-29-2005, 06:12:01 AM
:peace: Well, I just drove home tonight in my almost brand new Silver Grey Metallic 2004 M3. I was going for a more used M3 to cut costs but the guy I was about to buy from pissed me off. I drove over 50 miles to go see the car. Told him I'd take it but my bank requires he come down for the final check to sign approval to them to pay off the loan. I offered him more than the agreed $$$ but he didn't want to drive down to my bank to make the sale. So his LOSS! Instead I went to a dealer and bought an almost new, low mileage 04 M3. With all the bells and whistles. Prem pckg, lighting pckg, side bolster pckg, Harmon Kardon, cold weather pckg, and SMG! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for and the exact color I wanted. :( Only thing that sucked was it cost me a lot more to buy.

Hehe one thing I did when I was driving away was hit that button on the steering wheel of the head shouting. Scared the crap out of me with the loud ass noise and ringing. Then it asked me if I needed the police!! Hahaa some crazy crap. I couldn't figure out how to hang the damn thing up. Took awhile before I got the option. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I'm loving the car and just wanted to introduce myself now that I have it.

I was kind of disappointed that the in dash cd player doesn't play MP3's. Does the 6 disc changer play them??

I also noticed how jerky the SMG tranny can be. I find it shifts smoother in S mode than in A mode.

Anything I should be aware of or any neat tricks and such to the car that I should be aware of? Thanks and hope to find some money somewhere to pay this thing off :thumbsup:

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 06:46:42 AM
Welcome and congrats,
So where R D Pics?
The CD changer does not read MP3s either; Unless U get an aftermarket one.

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 06:50:44 AM
Yea.. don't use the A modes.. those are terrible...
If you want to play MP3s, then you can do the "iPod-your-BMW" thing and have your whole collection: best mod I ever did!!! (unless you have nav)

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 07:09:16 AM
I'll take some pics once the sun shows itself =) Actually, to mine and the dealers surprise, the iPod connector was already installed on the car. I opened the little door on the center console and there it is. Now I just need an iPod. Kind of a bummer getting the car while it's raining but I gotta tell you i'm impressed with the wet traction the car has so far.

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 07:12:49 AM
Congratulations! The M3 is a wonderful vehicle which you will enjoy :thumbsup:

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 07:57:51 AM
congrats and welcome..

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 11:55:00 AM
The wet traction isnt that great.....be careful. Coming from someone whose totaled one in the rain.

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 01:29:07 PM
congrats on the M3 and welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

Will Pwr
Sat, Jan-29-2005, 04:16:34 PM
Congrats on the car!

If you want to play MP3 CDs, you should get an alpine CD changer and a interface for the stock headunit. More details are here or just do a search on the forum


and as forementioned, going the iPod route is another very common way

good luck :thumbsup: