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View Full Version : Which exhaust section causes "droning"??

Fri, Jan-28-2005, 01:57:56 PM
Man, it's really annoying now. I thought I'd get used to it over time but nope. Is it the mid-pipe (x-pipe) or the muffler???

Rob's Archive
Fri, Jan-28-2005, 02:04:42 PM
its actually a mixture of both but the manufacturer is really the engine itself. The muffler makes it worse as you choose a less restrictive setup...then when you open up the engine more, it gets worse

Fri, Jan-28-2005, 04:18:26 PM
All less restrictive muffler will give you more drone. The rpm range and amount of drone may be different but it will still be there. Just keep the revs above 3000 and it will be almost gone.

Fri, Jan-28-2005, 04:57:06 PM
When I was at the cat back stage I found that the replacement of the front and mid pipes with the SS versions with no resonator significantly reduced the amount of drone.

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 01:14:00 AM
You don't like the drone? That's the whole point of an exhaust. I hate it when the drone goes away after 3k rpms...

Sat, Jan-29-2005, 03:26:50 AM
Yea, but it can get annoying if you're driving on the highway for hours on end.. or if you want to listen to music. I don't have an exhaust now, so I can't say for sure, but I'm sure there are times when we drive where we all want a little peace and quiet.

Mon, May-09-2005, 10:02:29 PM
then whats better to swap the front of the mid pipes for a LOUDER more RAsssspy effect?