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View Full Version : Used M3 buyer's guide

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 08:10:53 PM
Searched archives without success ...
Looking for a used E46 M3 buyer's guide, what to check at PPI, the tricks to know, etc ... Can someone synthetize or post links for some educational reading ?
I am considering buying a manual '02 with 50'000km/30Kmi as a daily driver. What are the key maintenance issues on the horizon, recalls to check for etc ... What are the key maintenance intervals ?
Sorry for the ignorance, am into Ferraris.
Grateful, thanks, Shark

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 10:47:52 PM
UP!!! it's a very good thread....I'm interested too...

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 11:01:08 PM
triple up.

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 11:05:22 PM
I had printed out what too look for about thanksgiving time. it was a good thread on used e46's. I cant find them. But this will be helpful for us who are looking for that perfect e46. I want a 02-03 topless.

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 11:12:40 PM
Me too! Me too! This would be very helpful, as I too will be in market for a used M3, since the plans to get a new one fell thru a few months back. :(

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 11:18:06 PM
Is there a such thing as a bimmer that does not creak (plastic) when you touch it? :rofl2:

Sun, Jan-30-2005, 07:51:45 AM
Surprised ... this is an M3 forum and nobody has M3 E46 buying advice on 2nd hand cars ?

Sun, Jan-30-2005, 05:40:42 PM
Hey guys,
alot of what you're asking about is common sense, so here is what I would look for:

Best case is to buy a CPO M3 (Certified Pre Owned) from a BMW dealer because then the car will have a warantee with it. When you look for CPOs you will probably find that for a few thousand dollars more, you can get a brand new M3.. that is what happened to me....

For buying a used M, I would check these things also:

has it been modified at all? A modified M3 "might" mean the previous owner was hard on the car. I would feel more comfortable buying a used M from an older person who bought it as a mid life crisis car.

Obviously the general appearance of the car will tell you alot about how the owner took care of it. Check the owners manual to make sure he got it serviced regularly. Check to see if it's been thru any service bulletins - the previous owner may not know what the service bulletins are and of course the BMW dealers don't always communicate the bulletins to all customers, especially if they're not having issues with their vehicle. You can see the service bulletins on the Roadfly site. Find out what service bulletins there are for that specfic car and then call the dealer and find out if you can have them fixed if you purchase the car.

Find out what warantee it has on it still (if any) and find out if you can extend the warantee if you purchase it from him... you'll have to talk to a dealer about this and buying an extended warantee will most likely not be cheap, but it would give you bigtime peace of mind.

If you can, ask to owner if you can take the car to an authorized BMW mechanic and have the car checked out. This will cost you a little bit of money, however, they can run diagnostics on the car pretty quickly and see if there are any issues with any of the systems, engine, etc. I'd also get a compression test of the cylinders to make sure nothing is wrong there...

Hope this helped.. Good luck!


Sun, Jan-30-2005, 05:45:09 PM
Thanks for the reply but I was not looking for the A-B-C of used car purchases.
I am more interested in the specific gotcha's of E46 M3s. Most car models have their specific weaknesses to be scrutinized when considering a purchase.
So can typically go wrong on a used M3 ?