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View Full Version : anyone NOT happy with Teins C/O??

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 01:52:54 PM
I'm curious as to why some people go from GC (which is thought to be the best) to Teins...and if they have any comments...with or w/o EFDC.

Dan Law
Wed, Jan-26-2005, 02:26:48 PM
Should you desire GCs, I can offer you the old price based on stock on hand if you order by 31 January. As you can see from GC's site, the Dollar has finally had it's impact and the kits are going up in price.

Dan Law

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 04:51:38 PM
Dan is a great guy to worked with and hooked me up with my GC setup way back in the day. I'm actualy changing to the Tein c/o simply because I'm a lazy guy and EDFC will work better for me. The GC street kit I have is awesome and really improved handling on my car--IMO moreso than the othe"off the shelf" c/o kits out there, but being that my car will never see that track now (too much performance reducing mods that cost $$$$$$$) Tein with EDFC and lower spring rates will allow me to dial in some comfort to daily driving and then back to performance with a hit of a button.

then again, if you have the $$$ do the GC kit with koni d/a with top adjustable rear shock and street or race camber plates it should out perform anything out there but still allow you to dial in a setting comfortable enough for the street....just no EDFC

Wed, Jan-26-2005, 04:54:11 PM
I am going from PSS9s to Teins for similar reasons!