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View Full Version : SMG "flashing"

Tue, Jan-25-2005, 03:52:35 PM
Today I noticed that the gear indicator on the dash of my 03 SMG M3 sometimes is flashing on and off constantly - it doesnt matter if Im A or S or what gear Im in and changing gear makes no difference.

The actual gear number indicator just continues to flash on and off - I have looked in the book and its not mentioned a had a quick search on here and cant find any reference to this.

Im a newbie M3 owner so would appreciate some guideance as to whether this is normal or something I should get looked at - apologies if its something basic but its taken me a long time to get my hands on this car and I dont want it going wrong if I can help it!



Tue, Jan-25-2005, 04:00:29 PM
Open your hood and shut it again... Make sure it shuts pretty hard.

Tue, Jan-25-2005, 04:22:22 PM
Thank u bvnmspt! I filled the windscreen washers this morning and must not have closed it firmly enough!



Tue, Jan-25-2005, 11:58:04 PM
Mondeo79 dont worry we have all done it or most of us have :banghead:

Wev had the problem the day we picked up the blue cab...we were driving from Sheffield back down to Surrey.

Pulled over rang the dealers and they had no idea either.

Rang BMW assist and they enlightened us (of both self esteem and) as to what the problem was.

Quick slam of the bonnet and off we go again :beer: