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View Full Version : Motorola V620 and BMW Bluetooth

Sun, Jan-23-2005, 12:41:35 PM

Can anyone confirm for sure that the Motorola V620 is fully compatible with the Bluetooth car kit in the E46 M3.

I just purchased a V620 and BMW snap in adaptor #84 21 0 307 726, all works fine except I can't access the phone book. The phone book refuses to transfer?

I found this website (http://www.x5world.net/bluetooth_compatible_phones.htm) listing all compatible Bluetooth phones and the V620 is listed as being fully compatible.

Could my Bluetooth unit be faulty? Is the firmware in the cars Bluetooth unit upgradable?


Sun, Jan-23-2005, 02:32:38 PM
I use the T-Mobile equivalent tagged the Motorola V600 and it works fine.