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View Full Version : Are all E46 headlamps the same?

Sun, Jan-23-2005, 04:41:22 AM
I'm just curious if all E46 headlamps are the same. Would the M3 headlamps be the same as a 330? Could they be swapped?


Sun, Jan-23-2005, 05:38:52 AM
they are not the same as the new restyled one...
the old ones you can switch...

And they are different - some have two halogens, some have xenons, and some have bi-xenons

Sun, Jan-23-2005, 05:58:28 AM
I think the closest match you'll find, would be like a 2002 330ci, because it's a prefacelift bi-xenon coupe. But I wouldn't bet my bottom dollar that they'll match exactly.