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View Full Version : Radio with 6200 mile shelf life???

Sat, Jan-22-2005, 01:47:40 PM
I just recently went over 6200 miles and the temperature dropped to the point of snowfall so I parked her for a day and a half. When I went to start her up again, I noticed the radio quit working. I have the NAV screen and it works fine, but all the buttons on the left of the screen cease to work and I don't get any speaker response from the NAV system. I tried to install a CD to see if it automatically starts playing, but no luck. Also, I threw it into reverse to get out of the driveway and the PDC immediately went to a constant beep but nothing was behind me. Later that day, the constant beep went away and seems to work. Maybe I had a film of frost/ice on the sensors or something. Anyway, I have an appt at the dealer to troubleshoot/fix the radio. I guess nothing is perfect.

While I'm at the dealer I will ask about tire prices. Do you guys recommend internet purchasing vs. dealership? What kind of prices do your local dealer sell new skins for? I think here they only offer the Michelins because its a Euro thing. Haven't seen any Continentals around other than on US spec vehicles.

Sat, Jan-22-2005, 02:28:31 PM
Maybe the dealers will treat you better there, than they do here, when it comes to buying tires, but generally here, there is no comparison, the dealer usually 30-50% higher than TireRack or any of the tire dealers...

that's funny about the Conti's, very good tire, and I thought very popular in Europe

Sat, Jan-22-2005, 06:06:36 PM
Sounds like your radio or LCD display has a problem. Dealer should fix it under warranty.

Probably was snow or ice on your sensors.

Just get the Michelins, they are a bit better than the Contis anyway. Definitely look around at prices as they vary wildly. Dealers always seem to charge way too much, btw.