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View Full Version : Bluetooth & electric seats on 03 M3

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 05:31:02 PM
I have just become the proud owner of an 03 M3 SMG convertible - it was bought from BMW but didnt come with a manual so apologies if these seem like basic questions.

The car has the bluetooth kit installed (just to the left of the handbrake is a button I am guessing is for bluetooth). I have the code for pairing the car with my phone but just pressing and holding in the bluetooth button does nothing - is there a knack to this and Im doing it wrong or does it seem like its faulty?

Secondly, I have the electric seats and they adjust no problems but how do I store settings on the seats so I can put it back to where I want it after someone else has been driving??

Lastly on the manual issue, the dealer is "trying" to get me one but failing that is there somewhere I can buy a manual from be it in the UK (ideally) or abroad?

Many Thanks


Fri, Jan-21-2005, 06:53:16 PM
i believe there is a pdf version of the manual somewhere on the forums. did you search it? i remember before i got my car i wanted to read the manual so i would be more informed about the car before i actually got it.

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 07:54:35 PM
Go to this address and you can download a PDF version of the manual.

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 08:06:22 PM
I did a search for manual but it brought up millions of hits cos of the obvious transmission reference lol

thanks for that grayson :)

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 08:15:15 PM
unfortunately the web site rejects my VIN number when I try and register (maybe because Im UK based and its a US site?) - can anyone send me the PDF or suggest how I might get it from another source?



Fri, Jan-21-2005, 08:21:16 PM
ignore that! I found a link to a manual for the convertible after searching a bit deeper! thanks anyway guys!