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View Full Version : Anything special I should ask the dealer to do at my 1200 mile service?

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 02:56:21 AM
I'm going in for my 1200 mile service on Tues of next week and was wondering if there was anything special I should ask the dealer to do or take a look at? TIA

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 03:34:23 AM
well they should change your oil, and differential fluid. I'm mentioning that because their have been threads on here, where the service advisors said they did not need to change the oil. Also, you can have certain things reprogrammed if you wish...such as whether you want DRL's turned on or off. Hmm...can't think of anything else. I guess if everything is running fine, and looks good to you, then your good after your service.

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 03:37:45 AM
Just bust out the checklist in your manual and tell them to do everything.

I'm goin in for my 1200 service soon too. I'll just ask them to do everything on the checklist. :thumbsup:

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 03:42:50 AM
Have them perform everything on the checklist. Do not let them wash your car afterwards. Free dearlership car wash = swirl marks everywhere.