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Thu, Jan-20-2005, 11:56:42 PM
does anyone know of a track where i can take my m3? somewhere that i can go and pay and rent it out? i always wanted to go and test it out...i live near los angeles and wont mind a 100 mile (or maybe more drive).
Thanks a lot
P.S. i just installed a Hamann Lip and will be posting pics later on this week :)
thanks again

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 12:53:01 AM
Yes you have at least 4 options close by:

WSIR- Willow Spring international race way in Palmdale (commonly known as Big willow)
This track is very fast and wide open generally good run-off room accept in one fast corner you may not want to start here.

SOW- located next to big willow, quick technical alomst 2 miles awsome bowl turn, good place to start due to lower speeds and more run-off area than most tracks.

California Speed Way- Located in Fontuky (fontana) consists of nascar oval plus infield street course very fast in places very lame most of the time, only redeeming quality is that you usually get your own garage.

Button Willow- located in central valley abbout half hour north of the grapevine. Many different configurations, fast technical requires that you be a proficient shifter and be light on your brakes if you run the full course.

All of these can be run through svewral differnet groups my recomendation would be to run through BMWCCA, POC, or Track Masters as they are the most organized and carry the best quality of instruction. Redline events, The EOC, and Digital racer.org also run these tracks frequently and are cheaper but you will face a larger JDM contigent and the associated issues with those last three groups.

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 03:50:10 PM
Join BMWCCA and take advantage of their track days. There is one coming up in February. www.bmwcca.org.

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 05:57:50 PM
Check out http://www.allimportracing.com/

It's a very laid back event, not a lot of instruction. But you get to run your car all day at the Willow Spring's big track for $195. Lots of Z06s. Nice folks running it too. You may see me there:)

I wish the San Diego chapter of BMWCCA had some more info on their track day at Buttonwillow. Does anyone know how much it costs (I'm a BMWCCA member) and what the times are?


pargo lsb
Fri, Jan-21-2005, 08:20:22 PM
absinthe78 is correct, suggest you start at Street of Willow, try http://www.speedtrialusa.com/index1.html

this is a low speed track with lots of turns, it's more technical and safer for starters

leave you dsc on for at least the first 2 track days. you will fel it working, and dsc can give you important insights of you driving

also consider auto cross events, it not as fun as track, but you will learn emergency handling techniques, which will save your ass later...

have fun, and stay within your limit

Fri, Jan-21-2005, 11:51:53 PM
You should not try just taking your car to a track and going at it unless you have some school experience. You can develop more bad habits in a couple of hours than you can lose in years of track time and you are likely to do some damage to your car - and your ego.
Most tracks will not let you on track for open practice days unless you have a racing license anyway. You would not want to be on track with some of the cars at open practice days!
Find a group that has high performance driving school days and go there.
San Diego BMW club is at Buttonwillow, Feb 12/13: http://www.sdbmwcca.com/docs/bw-2005.html, plus other chapters are running events in CA regularly.

Here is a tentative 05 schedule:

Feb 7 (Monday) Laguna Seca-Golden Gate Chapter
Feb 12-13 Buttonwillow-San Diego Chapter
Feb 25 Bremerton - Instructor School-Puget Sound
Feb 26 Pacific Raceway - Instructor School-Puget Sound
Mar 5-6 Infineon Raceway-Golden Gate Chapter
Mar 12 Bremerton - Novice School-Puget Sound
Mar 19 Pacific Raceway - Novice School-Puget Sound
Mar 26-27 Spokane Raceway Park-Inland Empire Chapter
Apr 9-10 Willow Springs-Los Angeles Chapter
May 14-15 Las Vegas Motor Speedway-Sin City Chapter
June 3 (Friday) Buttonwillow-Central California Chapter
June 5 Pacific Raceway-Puget Sound
July 10 Pacific Raceway-Puget Sound
Aug 13-14 California Speedway-Los Angeles Chapter
Aug 20-21 Thunderhill Raceway-Golden Gate Chapter
Aug 28 Pacific Raceway-Puget Sound
Sept 17-18 Buttonwillow-Central California Chapter
Nov 5-6 Infineon Raceway-Golden Gate Chapter
Nov 19 Bremerton Raceway-Puget Sound
Dec 17-18 Phoenix International Raceway-Roadrunner

NASA: http://veloce.nasaproracing.com/schedules/socal.html has events all the time at all the tracks.
SpeedTrial USA runs at the Streets of Willow and BW http://www.speedtrialusa.com/index1.html
And then there are the professional schools.
But please start with a school and some instruction! You will have a much more satisfying experience!

See http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=54148 for some track tours.