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Thu, Jan-20-2005, 01:42:06 AM
yes i know i can search and this subject has been :2dedhorse , but I need to know a few things before getting my M.

Is the AA exhaust a good mod to combine with the Stebro Part 1? I know theres that video of the revving of one red M3 with this combo, but does anyone actually have a clip that shows it passing or accelerating?

2. Any good AA dealers or reps here that can offer me a good price on one?

3. This has been killing me. When stepping off the gas or in between shifting, most sports cars let off this bubbling sound outta the exhaust. Sorry i dont know the terminology :nixweiss: , but it sounds like theres air or something coming outta the exhausts, and i love this sound. Will an AA with Stebro make this louder? The video of a Kreis-Sieg Exhaust will let you know what I mean, it sounds like a Ferrari...

Kreis-Sieg Exhaust Sound Clip (http://www.clearvisionbulbs.com/m3_exhaust/Kreis_sieg_valvetronic_exhaust.mpg)

Any good places to get the Kreis-Sieg for cheaper than 5500?

Thanx all. :wave:

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 02:16:31 AM
The AA exhaust is great for the price. The burbly sound you are hearing in exhausts is unburned gas exploding inside the exhaust. I think with midpipes and a new exhaust, it will have that sound.

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 02:29:51 AM
It definetly will make it louder for a couple of reasons. The Active Autowerke is already a loud/deep sounding exhaust to being with. With the addition of the Stebro I, this will eliminate the rasp in your E46 M3, allowing your vehicle to be louder & be deeper.

Good combination, however you should start with just getting the exhaust. If it isn't loud for you, go ahead & complement it with the Stebro piece.

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 03:12:33 AM
Will i get burbly sounds with the AA/Stebro part 1 combo :rulaiz:?

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 03:55:32 AM

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 04:07:50 AM
^ Ive been there a dozen times, but I still can't find one that has the AA/Stebro while DRIVING. I know theres that one with it revving...

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 04:16:10 AM
I don't think, there is a clip of it driving. Plus videos don't capture close to the actual sound of the exhaust.

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 04:19:16 AM
Do it step by step !

1. I have SS race muffler .... enjoying weight saving & bubble..
2. Then I added SS S pipe & X no resonator .... daaaam... so racy..and deep :bow:

The best way is to attend M3 gathering and hear it yourself and to do it one by one. :agree:

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 04:23:39 AM
If you're still looking for a Kreis-Sieg exhaust, let me know. I'm an authorized dealer for those exhausts. :thumbsup:

Mon, Jan-24-2005, 01:47:34 AM
wow that Kreis-Sieg sounds sick, how much are they?

Mon, Jan-24-2005, 03:09:50 AM
Kreis sounds like a *****....IMO..too much high toned rasp...go with AA..its deeper

Mon, Jan-24-2005, 06:08:38 AM
About $10,000.00 the Titanium one I think....wow that Kreis-Sieg sounds sick, how much are they?

Mon, Jan-24-2005, 06:28:35 AM
I have the b+b triflow and it sounds like thats what you want. You want burble.....youll get plenty from the triflow. I love mine. Im like one burbling mutha scratcha!

smg kid
Mon, Jan-24-2005, 07:38:23 AM
what exhaust makes the most hp. and still retains the raspy sound. I dont want the rasp x.. ss race maybe?