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View Full Version : Noise from passenger side door?

Wed, Jan-19-2005, 09:42:39 PM
I have had the passenger side door handle fixed about 2 months ago. The door wouldnt open from the outside no matter what I did. And sometimes it didnt open from the inside. So I took it in to BMW service and they fixed it. But ever since I got the car back, if I hit a bump in the road the inside of the passenger door makes some rattling noise. Im assuming when they replaced parts in the door they must have taken the inside panels off the door. So maybe something is loose? Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be? thanks John

Wed, Jan-19-2005, 11:38:36 PM
Each of the door panel "pins" that snap into the door metal has a thin insulator, almost like felt, that after being removed/re-installed, never seems to seat properly. I've found this to create a rattle similar in sound to a metal snap on an old leather jacket. Apparently, the center console area must have insulators too as I'm chasing the sound in that area now.
See if you can have a passenger gently push on the door handle area while you go over a bumpy road to see if it dissappears.

At least if that eliminates the noise, you could request that service maybe replace the pins. Of course that would mean that THEY need to hear this rattle.

Thu, Jan-20-2005, 01:48:47 AM
It might not even be that, if it sounds like something is clunking inside the trim, I would just take it back and say this is what is happening. They may have not tightened some of the leads, who knows what else. But IF and I do mean IF you trust yourself, try pulling the door panel off yrself and see what u can find, otherwise, back to the dealer u must go.

But have a look at MadMacs idea, it might be something really simple.