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View Full Version : Spotted: Alpine white E46 M

Fri, Dec-31-2004, 03:18:18 AM
Parked in the driveway of a house on Wakefield Chapel, in Fairfax Va.

Anyones here?

Looks like it had a black lip up front, hard to see which one as it was dark out and I was going about 50 heh.

Fri, Dec-31-2004, 04:12:10 AM
Well spotted Trev, you should have taken the plate and run it thru the System.

Fri, Dec-31-2004, 09:25:45 AM
Didn't have a front plate.. and it was backed into the driveway.

Fri, Dec-31-2004, 09:27:58 PM
Hey Trevor, that was mine!! I was over visiting a friend last night. Man you can't go anywhere these days! :D I've been meaning to stop by your shop to meet you, but have been too busy. It is Tucker and Ghostriders old car. I see Ghostrider missed it, as he has another M now. I love it, and am having a lot of fun in it! Seems like they took great care of it! Will try to stop by to see you next week, when are your days off?

Happy New Year All!


Fri, Dec-31-2004, 10:44:02 PM
Hah. How about that. :thumbsup:

She looks awesome, even though it was dark. I live about 5 minutes from there, was out on my nightly drive and was heading home.

I don't work at BMW anymore though, so don't stop by the shop; I won't be there. I have all next week off, then school starts the following week. If you want, we can meet somewhere. Let me know. :D

Sat, Jan-01-2005, 09:02:39 PM
Thanks for the compliment. Sounds good, my week is going to be pretty slow, so PM me and let me know when would be good. I'm out in Chantilly. Maybe we could get a few others from around her together at the same time or sometime soon, as it appears there are a quite a few around here. I'm pretty open tomorrow and Monday if that works.


Thu, Jan-06-2005, 01:24:45 PM
Im down for a meet. I need some advice on a few things and wana meet more M buddies.. :beer: