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View Full Version : S. Florida meet - SAT. NOV 27th...

Mon, Nov-15-2004, 07:29:38 PM
Originally posted over at fanatics, but I know there are other South Florida member here... Here is the agenda copy/pasted...:

3:30 we all meet up at Tropical park
(meet, chill, hang & talk sh!t)

4:15 we RIDE OUT! (this is the fun part )
we're gonna head out to the the HeliPad (Watson Island)
but we're going thru the streets, so we all stay together
- We take Bird Rd all the way to US1
(depending if to many cars get stuck at lights we'll make a pit stop at the Shell station on US1 and 27th ave and wait for everyone to catch up -if necessary)
- US1 to I95
- I95 to the beach ( Helipad )
* we should be there about 4:45

5:00 we hang out and snap a few pics at the Helipad with a nice Miami skyline

5:30 we take cruise thru Ocean Drive
( we will most probably break up b/c of the south beach traffic) then we will be on our own...

6:30 who ever is hungry and wants to hang we'll be at the Fuddruckers on 107 ave in Doral

That's pretty much it - very informal, and a bit different from the evening meets when it's dark and you can't see anyone's car...

Hope to see you there!

Tue, Nov-23-2004, 01:09:03 AM
reminder.... this saturday....

Thu, Nov-25-2004, 11:21:37 PM
bump - this saturday...
where are the South Florida peeps???