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View Full Version : M3 this weekend

Mon, Nov-01-2004, 06:25:52 PM
After I toasted the brakes on my Evo this weekend my dad tossed me the keys to his 95 M3 to finish up. We've recently put on H&R OE springs matched with Bilstein shocks. Also put on Performance Friction (PF9 I think is the name) brake pads. He also has on some sort of brand new Pirellis. They were already on the car when purchased. We also had the car aligned at the dealer for stock specs.

This was the first time we've had this car at the track so we wanted to start with a almost stock setup and go from there with improvements. Original shocks were toast so that's why we went ahead and replaced those...with the Bilsteins and thought ahead with some GC RSMs.


In short, the car is a blast. It doesn't have that rocket power like I'm used to from the Evo, but it is sufficient to be fun. I also enjoyed the suspension. Previously I was having rear end settling issues with the Evo during some essess. But the M3 settled beautifully. As soon as I made turn in the rear end squatted and settled down, this was with very lite throttle.
The M3 "felt" like it had tons of roll, but that could have just been the lack of side support from the seats (vaders)...or it could just have been lots of roll. :D
The M3 showed what I would consider moderate-strong understeer. Going out I thought this thing was going to be oversteer heavy, especially with my driving style going from AWD to a RWD car. Turns out to be the opposite. I tried to fix the understeer with more throttle, attempting some throttle oversteer, but it never worked. There never seemed to be enough power to kick the rear end out. Is this typicall with what other guys are getting with their E36 M3s? Is a different alignment recommended?
BTW, those Pirellis are freakin noisy!! Those things squeeled the whole way.

Last thing is the brakes. I love the braking power the M3 can put down especially after the nose is squatting. The pedal feel is a little odd however. I thought the feel was odd when my dad first got it so we did a thorough blead. It helped some (old fluid was NASTY), but the odd sensation is still there. It almost feels like the pedal has two stages. I'm used to a car where a tap instantly engages the brakes, but this thing needs more than a tap. It's more like a push followed by more push. There's some pedal travel to engage the pads then more pedal travel to adjust brake torque. We've blead the hell out of these lines so there is no air/moisture in the lines. I'm starting to think it's just the nature of the master cylinder.

But I love the car, even if my helmet hits the roof a lot.