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Sat, Oct-16-2004, 07:13:12 AM
I am having a hard time trying to decide what coilover to go with. My options as of now are the bilstien pss9, kw variant II, spax rsx, tc kline d/a coilover, and or the dinan stage 2/3 suspension. I want the car to ride nice but I plan on tracking the car once a month. Any suggestions or recomondations.


Sat, Oct-16-2004, 09:45:48 AM
Bilstien have a great history and great backup process should you require setup assistance. Subaru have been using these for years in a lot of their special buy cars for car lovers. Talk to your nearest stockist and see what they can come up with for you. Happy shopping.

Sat, Oct-16-2004, 04:33:42 PM
i've got the bilstein pss9's on my car, and I absolutely love it. However, I do not track my car, but for whipping around the streets, it is perfect. I've read alot of posts that people say to look into GC (Ground Control) for those that plan on tracking their car. Maybe an option you should look into.

Dan Law
Sat, Oct-16-2004, 05:36:10 PM
Warning: I do handle Ground Control Products

I have performed numerous installs of just about every suspension type made for these autos. The PSS9 is not bad but has a number of Issues:

1. Adjustment requires crawling under the car

2. The Springs are absolute rubbish - progressive, barrel, nontapered, midcoil cutoff

3. The ride height adjustment perches are interlocking style which tend to bust knuckles.

I would strongly suggest you look into the GCs. For about the same money as PSS9s, you can get Upper Rear Shock Mounts and Camber Plates. The Upper Rear Shock Mounts ARE a REQUIREMENT for ANY aftermarket suspension. Otherwise, over time, could be short or long, the rear damper WILL break through the boot housing and damage the auto. As to camber plates, one weekend of a DE or Autocross will return the money spent on toasting front tyres.

Specifically addressing the PSS9 shortcomings:
1. Adjustments facilitated top side of the auto from bonnet and boot

2. Springs are custom specified to your needs and are VERY high quality Eibach ERS springs

3. Ride height adjustors are locked in by usage of socket head bolts thus resulting in no buted knuckles.

Anyway, if interested in at least getting a quote on Ground Controls, call me.

Dan Law