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View Full Version : Parking Lot Bumper Protection

Fri, Sep-24-2004, 01:56:38 PM
Hey look, now this can be useful


Mon, Sep-27-2004, 01:33:01 PM
Seems like a bit of a waste. I would think that door dings would be more of the threat than getting bumped. Would you honestly carry those around with you and take the time to put them on every time the car was parked? Covers up the rear parking sensors too. My .02 worth.

Thu, Oct-21-2004, 03:24:16 AM
If you park in SF or NY, when people tap your bumpers.

Mon, Nov-01-2004, 02:43:41 PM
god that's ugly... but im sure it works... just a hassle to put on and take off each time you park.

i have a new knick/rub on the rear bumper after i washed the car this past weekend. The rear is annoying but the most unavoidable problem is the rock chips on the front bumper.

Mon, Nov-01-2004, 02:55:31 PM
i bought just the rear, those BMW service centers really pull up close to your bumper..i know one of these days...they will bump my car...which they did before...ahhh...50 bucks....no big deal..and it fits other cars as well.....so you can use it for your next vehicle...