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View Full Version : (E36) FAQ: How to remove corner lamps

Sat, Sep-11-2004, 12:58:25 AM
I have had several people ask how to do this, so its now a FAQ in my book.

Mods, move this if you like, but this seems like the most appropriate place for it.

To remove the corner lamps, you'll need either your index finger, or a long flathead screw driver.

On the front of the fender (theres only two of them BTW), theres a small hole in the gutter area, right above the headlamp and corner lamp. Look down and you'll see something similar to what is in the picture.

Use your finger or screwdriver to pop the tab away from the headlamp, and to push the corner lamp out towards the front of the car at the same time.

Remember, they can be stubborn at times.