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View Full Version : First post. Help me to get E36 M3!!!!!

Thu, Nov-28-2002, 05:16:47 AM
Nice to meet you all~
I'm pretty new to the BMWs and other Euros, I was mostly a Japanese import crowd, but now I want something different, lets say E36 M3. :D I am thinking about getting 99 M3 with 45-50K miles. Would I face any problems? Anything I might need to look for? This car would be my daily beater, although I dont drive around much, and also I am planning light mod. Any input/thoughts/facts/opinions are greatly appreciated. Also I would like to know how much PSI E36 stock internals can take. Thank you.

Fri, Nov-29-2002, 02:16:37 PM

Tue, Dec-03-2002, 02:35:30 AM
Any particular areas I have to look for when purchasing used M3?

Challenger 800
Mon, Dec-16-2002, 03:07:38 AM
Hi , I have a 97 and it sounds like a good fit for the criteria you mentioned, price, daily drive. etc. The 97 is great due to the 3.2, but has the obd-2 so it's a little trickier to mod than say a 95 would be. Find one with a sport pack, it will have the alloy 10 spoke racing wheels for the best ventilitation and least weight, please do not flame me everyone for that, esp you M-Contour people. It also comes stock with the clear turn indicators all around instead of yellow. This is an add on feature you see alot on the boards because they look very EURO. I have had no issues except F***N tires The rears go in a hurry. Good luck.

Wed, Dec-18-2002, 02:08:26 AM
You'd probably get better responses posting this in the E36 M3 Forum (