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View Full Version : Any of you guys Consider the NSX

Tony Mack
Sun, Nov-24-2002, 06:39:00 PM
Just Wondering???

Mon, Nov-25-2002, 10:42:54 PM
many times. but bit pricey for such an old model. the alum. body kind of scares me to....one accident and the car is totalled.
it is a beautiful car tho.

Tue, Dec-03-2002, 12:22:41 PM
I don't fit in it... I drove my friends that was a -T so we took the roof out...

I am not tall, just long upperbody.

Sun, Dec-08-2002, 05:49:23 PM
One of my garage queen.
Love it.
It sounds mean as hell with $4k GruppeM mods.

Tue, Dec-10-2002, 05:38:20 PM
Have a stock 02 WRX. Have recently driven a stock '99 M3 convertible, stock '02 M3 coupe & '02 vette convertible. The M3 coupe was faster & more luxurious than the WRX. The WRX didn't shake and lose it through fast sharp turns like the M3 convertible. The vette was fast, but its platform felt a very large piece of amorphous plastic. I never felt "one" with the car. The WRX is my daily warrior (Despite a precipitous drop in NYC car thefts & murders, I wouldn't consider leaving an M3 parked out on a Brooklyn street when going for a sail). Lately, I started researching a reliable car for country road driving (no track for me; I'd rather crash racing iceboats).
Considering: hp weight hp/ton g/slalom 0 to:60/100/150
E46 convertible 333 3781 176 .91/65.6 5.0/13.6/?38
M3 E46 333 3415 195 .91/66.6 4.7/11.6/?30
Z06 405 3260 250 .97/67.5 3.9/9.9/25.7
97+NSX-T 290 3164 183 .91/65.8 5.0/12.0/?33

Used prices for 92-96 NSX coupes(270hp)have stabilized in the 30's. Can pick up a 97+NSX-T in the low 50's now. It will fall some more (what doesn't?). The price for a handmade -T will stabilize as well. I plan to test drive one through some twisties.

Thu, Dec-19-2002, 01:32:54 AM
Nope, I'd rather buy a Porsche.


Thu, Dec-19-2002, 11:35:44 PM
Thought about it, but I need a 2+2 seater. Most likely, I'll eventually get back into 2 seaters. :D

Tue, Dec-24-2002, 07:41:53 PM
I have owned a 92 NSX coupe since 1995. It is without a doubt one of the finest automobiles ever built. While certainly dated now (>10yr old), it was revolutionary for its time, and certainly holds its own now. Remember it was an 8,000 rpm V6 engine in 1990. I do all my own mods and work. I have never seen an automobile put together like this. It is a work of art. The entire car, except for a few parts, is Al alloy. It is extremely safe. It is extremely reliable (Honda). I know numerous individuals with >150,000 and still strong. The 3.2 liter is 290 hp stock, but remember this is only a 3000lb car. My coupe is less than 2900 lbs. There are now numerous aftermarket mods available. Mine has a paxton SC (380 RWHP!), 4.55 Ring and pinion, close ratio gearing, coil-overs, headers, exhaust, it goes on and on...

Downsides are that it is only a two-seater. It will not handle winter. Extensive body work can be expensive (however my Insurance is relatively cheap) A new one is not worth the money; however, MINT 91-93 can be had for <$35K. 10 yr old cars are still worth >50% original sticker.

An older NSX is a great buy. It is extremely unique. Very few people ever see one. How many have you seen on the road.
It will be worth $$$ in the future as a collector. Relatively few were sold.

I will keep mine until I can no longer drive. Then they can bury me in it. I am very impressed with my 03 M3. It is more practical, more luxury, and more high tech, but if I had to chose between a 5-10yr old NSX and my new M3....well sorry BMW.

Sat, Jan-11-2003, 12:15:19 AM
You mean the civic for rich guys? If only Honda would fire one of their soulless engineers and hire a designer (maybe from ferrari??) they could create one car that doesnt look like a bar of soap. Then they might sell a few of those NSX orphans:sleeping:

Sat, Jan-11-2003, 02:32:26 AM
Originally posted by jacksomer
You mean the civic for rich guys? If only Honda would fire one of their soulless engineers and hire a designer (maybe from ferrari??) they could create one car that doesnt look like a bar of soap. Then they might sell a few of those NSX orphans:sleeping:

I assume this is spoken from the usual German vs Japanese bias and ignorance. I have ever driven or evaluated in any manner the NSX. I own both a 03 M3 and the NSX. Personally, I have found German engineering more mundane. It is only recently that BMW is breaking from its traditional blah and taking chances with design--and look how all the old traditional drones whine about it. Audi--big bore. Who looks twice at the tired old Porsche.

As much as I love my M3, when I want attention, drive my 10 year old NSX.

Sat, Jan-11-2003, 02:37:35 AM
hey now.. watch it when u mess with the germans... i have a porsche and because of what it is, it will pull more eyes than anything out there.. the NSX is nice.. it seems to be a very long wheelbase.. just doesn't seem like a track car.. but i will admit it has some serious curves and looks good..

Sat, Jan-11-2003, 06:56:06 AM
No no you misunderstand. The honda engineering is first class and far more reliable than the europeans including the Porkies. Its the aesthetics, the beauty that is from hunger. The Germans are world renowned for their design - how do you spell bauhaus? - everything we call modern design derives from there. Where are all the great coachbuilders? Italy of course - even Aston went there for the design of their famous DB series (Zagato I believe)
So my point was the Japanese have never risen above the functional, their cars are butt ugly unless they are smart enough to get someone else to do a visual concept design for them as in the case of the US designed Miata.
If Honda has skinned the marvellous NSX mechanicals with a competitive visual package - as Audi did with their TT, Jag with their XK8, Aston with the Vanquish, Chrysler with the Viper - then they would have a world beater and would have sold a million. Instead they let their dork engineers (who cant even pick a decent tie) design its looks.
Now tell the truth, does that visual monstrosity, despite its mechanical excellence, really quicken your pulse??

Sat, Jan-11-2003, 01:52:58 PM
i completely agree with that statement.. the engineers also design something that no one that is taller than 6' can get into.. arg!!!!:mad:

Tue, Jan-14-2003, 03:42:07 AM
Ifind the NSX to be visually a work of art in a sporting automobile.

I've never driven one but would love to do so.

Thu, Jan-16-2003, 08:59:37 AM
check this out:

you may need DSL or Cable internet to download


Don't forget to visit:


Thu, Jan-16-2003, 10:59:43 AM
Thanks March, very cool sites. I may have to save my pennies and get a mid 90's NSX. I just wish I could drive one and get a feel.

Thu, Jan-16-2003, 11:26:47 AM
wow all the neru jacket owners are coming out of the woodwork. I guess Edsel and Yugo owners feel the same way about their cars. But listen folks the 2cv owners definitely have uglier cars they have even you nsx guys beat.:D

Fri, Jan-17-2003, 01:50:11 AM
I had an NSX for three years prior to the M3. I loved the car and can highly recommend it. However it became obsolete when we had our first child.

Sun, Jan-26-2003, 03:48:37 AM
A couple things occurred to me while reading through this thread. First, there was an obvious misconception thrown out there. Someone said that the NSX was not a track car. I find it to be every bit a track car and more so then a BMW. It is an absolutley beautiful automobile derived from a culture that prides itself in being a front runner in technological advancement. And to be handmade is the icing on the cake. By a master mechanic none the less. I think the NSX is overpriced, but in no way out classed or out performed by a BMW. If I had the money to throw out there, I would definitly sit it next to my M3 and IS 300. And I truly enjoy the IS 300, in case anyone out there wants to take a crack at my Asian toy.

Sun, Jan-26-2003, 07:20:13 AM
Big Daddy: you are one of a string of fellow m3ers that have missed the point of this discussion, It was about questions fact rather than value. Sure some curiosity collectors are going to wax lyrical about their pet monstrosities that doesnt alter the fact that the NSX was a stupendous marketing failure. One has to ask why.
First Fact; any manufacturer with performance pretensions has to prove it and Honda has had no racing success what so ever except for a few mediocre showing based on its engines alone. Contrast this to Porsche for example who won global contests year after year so monotonously that they were banned from many. Or Ferrari the undisputed king of Formula one. What is Honda champion of - the car pool?
Second while the Civic is a world beater in sales the NSX was a flop. Fact, perhaps because the former is a pocket rocket that is cute and the latter is definely not cute. Aesthetics count despite engineer's belief to the contrary. Form and function must both please to capture the publics heart (and wallet) Someone shelling out the kind of money that Honda was asking want a work of art as well as a fine performance. It is well accepted that Japanese manufacturers seem incapable of aethetically pleasing autos. Perhaps it is their collaborative culture that tries to please everyone and ends up with blandness. Why do you think that shrewd Japanese manufacurers of late have established design studios in the US and Europe staffed by local designers?
(sidebar - it is not handmade - like any low production auto tooling up for mass production is economically prohibitive so there is more labor input. Calling this hand made is like calling a plastic fiddle a Strad)
Last fact - when it comes down to field testing your little black coupe does indeed outperform most comers. Check Road and Track's tests of 99. The only cars to come near them in the slalom (a good test of track and rally capability) were Ferrari and Viper. Had anyone been silly enough to bring an NSX along the results would have been embarrassing for a car that is already an embarrassment. The tester concluded that the M3 might be the fastest production sedan ever.
So dont underrate your little Bavarian wagon!!

Sun, Jan-26-2003, 10:09:53 AM
If you love racing, watch NSX, M3, Supra, and more cars battle on JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring ) at Speed Channel every week.

Challenger 800
Sun, Jan-26-2003, 07:29:45 PM
I agree with your points of course, but have you forgotten that Honda dominated F1 in the late 80's with Senna and Prost. That v-10 produced around 1000 HP, granted this was ages ago, but those honda engines were as dominant as the Scuderia Ferrari is today.

Sun, Jan-26-2003, 08:08:32 PM
Jacksomer.....You just do not get it. Nothing is worse than an ignorant rant.

First have you ever seen, sat in or even driven an NSX. Somehow I doubt there are many in Australia.
Many of your points are valid. Yes the NSX was a economic failure. This was as much related to the timing of its release (early 90s in a poor economy) as much as its Japanese heritage (or lack of) and price point.

However, none of that takes away from the fact that the NSX was revolutionary. I have never seen any mass production automobile put together like the NSX
Why not give some credit where it was due. Try to remember that at the time every publication ranted its praises for years. It has appeared on numerous lists as one of the best cars every built.

Yes it is hand built. Yes its is aesthically quite beautiful, both then and now. Trust me...I get magnitudes more wide-eyed looks in my NSX then my 03M3 cab. Aesthetics...Germans auto.. that is an oxymoron.

Audi...BORING...you cannot tell an A4 from an S8. They all look the same and all are numbingly dull

BMW has not been much different. Only recently have they been taking design chances...new Z4, 7-series. Until then, a 7 series was just an overweight, overpriced, 3 series. Same predictable styling. When they did take a departure with the 7 series, all the boring BMW snits had a stroke.

Porsche--years, and years of the same old tired design.

My M3 is an impressive vehicle. Is it a life-long keeper..doubt it.
They will bury me in my NSX.

So Jacksomer....many of us who answered here actually either do/have owned an NSX or at lease driven one. Have you ever even been near one .....????

Sun, Jan-26-2003, 08:14:57 PM
>>>>'01 M3 Laguna Seca Blue/ Grey Coupe - 5k miles - March'01 Built
BMWCCA member :)
-> GruppeM intake coming soon :)

'94 NSX Brooklands Green Pearl/ Onyx
- 10k miles
- GruppeM Intake & Exhaust V.3

'03 MDX Starlight Silver/Ebony
- 260 HP :) -> miles start to climb

'93 300SE MBZ - 97k miles and running strong :)<<<

Hey March01M3...great minds think alike:

03M3 Topaz cab

92 Sebring silver NSX
(BBSC, 4.55, close gears, Tien suspension, RM exhaust/headers)

03 MDX Havasu Blue/ebony

Mon, Jan-27-2003, 04:34:21 AM
Ho Hum jks32: As it happens I have driven an NSX, there are a few down here too, we also sold many sets of polyester pants suits. America does not have the monopoly on bad taste.

Have YOU ever driven a Yugo, an Edsel, a 2CV? No? but you dont have to to know that they are butt ugly and ergonomically challenged. (No offense to all those proud owners out there) By the way all collectable!

Heres an experiment for you. Go drive an S2000. Its nicer to drive than your NSX and fairly pleasant to look at. They sold quite a few of them. See even Honda can learn.

Now its understandable you might want to defend your purchase. No-one wants to feel like an Enron shareholder! But no amount of love will enable your pig to dance. Would you let your mechanic decorate your house? Well Honda let his engineers (obviously not paying attention to their plaid ties) design the whole car - oops!!

And for all those tired old European jibes - "ignorant rants?"

Audi may have transformed into a bar of soap these days but dont forget its astonishing Auto Union heritage, and its pioneering of the 4wd rally rocket (copied by Subaru) and the award winning TT (despite the naysaying of you with your taste in the rear of your trousers)

BMW engineering continues to be copied by both America and Japan (look at the obvious clones in many of their showrooms) and its antique (eg E30 M3) performance cars still beat the pants off many new pretenders. As for its lack of design heritage lets remember the prewar cars that were copied by Jag to give us the xk120, 140 & 150 - no slouches in themselves.

Porsche, what can you say. Quirky yes but always a winner even in the Paris - Dakar against motor bikes and the big 4x4s. The only surviving independent sports car company because they made a car usable on the track and reliable for everyday grocery shopping.

All the best to you one eyed curiosity collectors up therein bizzaro world!!

Mon, Jan-27-2003, 02:12:04 PM
Man did you eat some bad dingo s,h,i,t,.

Just what is your problem. No one here is saying my NSX is better than your German car..nah, nah, naannaa nah. Grow up.

No one here is ranting for Honda or Japanese car makers. I own an 03 M3 so obviously I am have respect for german engineering.

No one is claiming that the NSX or Japanese have a superior racing history. So what! That is not why most people buy or appreciate a car.

We are not comparing Yugos to BMW. I assume they teach you to read there. Certainly you must have read some auto publications during the last 10years---you seem to disagree with them all.

Of course you know best. I would increase your Haldol dose another 10mg and stop having sex with wombats.

Mon, Jan-27-2003, 10:14:51 PM
OK OK I have obviously yanked your chain enough - no more!!

By the way have you seen the new NSX for 2005, rumored to have a V8? Quite attractive - its seems that this time Honda allowed his designers to keep their glasses on.

oops I know I'm supposed to be growing up and stop abusing hairdresser's cars, only small marsupials. Now where did I put my wombat?

Tue, Jan-28-2003, 12:39:12 AM
Not only has Honda done well in F1 but let's see...............


Pound for pound one of the most fun and fastest cars to drive. It is an incredible track toy out of box. I think you like to watch yourself write. You are very opinionated and narrow minded, especailly claiming that myself and others have missed the point of the article. I think the NSX is a beautiful car and does well in GT. I think it embodies the idea behind a sports car. I have had the opportunity to drive one and I find it to be fast, handle well, and make a great tune at the upper echelon of the rpm range. It is a fun car. Yes, a little to expensive but fun never the less. It has a great look to it as well and for a better price then 85K, I would probably have bitten before deciding to go with the M3. It is DIFFERENT! But, the M3 is an incredible machine especially for the price. I hate to admit it, but I like the Ferrari exotic styling of the NSX better then my coupe. Most people look at my M and see it only as a bimmer and nothering else, but you cannot mistake an NSX for anything other then a performance car. It is also a great daily driver and will withstand the test of time. I know several owners that have logged well over 150k miles on it with little problems.

Tue, Jan-28-2003, 10:41:51 AM
Hi Big Daddy:

Of course I am opinionated, thats what this forum is all about, unvarnished opinion. Yanking the chain of NSX owners is however no longer fun. Thats why I have decided to desist rather than because of the ad hominem remarks of my fellow correspondents

I can understand the attraction of the NSX in its uniqueness. I often think the downside of my M3 is that everyone seems to have one. (Of course there is a reason for that they are bloody good) And every car, orphan or not, has its devoted followers so I am not surprised by the vehement defense.

I am still stunned though by the willingness of Americans, whose car industry is replete with daring, style and sculpture, rush to the defense of Japan the home of the autobland. (not taking away from what they did for quality in the industry)

Consider what happened when Henry Ford II decided to whup Ferrari and produced a truly stunning looking car that not only won LeMans but came 2nd and 3rd as well. Or how Chrysler turned itself around with in your face desgns like Viper and Ram etc.

Every one to his or her own.

Tue, Jan-28-2003, 01:11:20 PM
Hey JKS,

Kudos to you! ROFL

"All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher." -- Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

Tue, Jan-28-2003, 02:55:56 PM
I do agree that it would be a total waste of money to buy a new NSX. The design, engineering, and performance is over 10 years old. Certainly not worth >$80K! Plus the "face-lift" in 2002 was lame. Hopefully, Honda will redesign it and give it some juice. I have my doubts.

However, a used NSX is a great buy. As much as jack will disagree, it will be a major collector in years to come (Revolutionary engineering, design, and relatively few were sold)
A mint 92 with <30K miles can be had for $30-35K.

Personally, I think most of the vehicles on the market are playing it safe, i.e. boring. Chrysler does have really great designs...to bad they make crap (as most American makers) I could not wait to dump my 99 Grand Cherokee. Why does the really beautifal and fast designs have to equal $$$; e.g. Lamborgini, Ferrari,

Ok now where did I put that polyester pantsuit....

Tue, Jan-28-2003, 11:19:18 PM

Wow, now I have seen about 3 people who own the NSX, M3, MDX combo 2 from NSXprime, I know 1 who own MDX, M3 combo from AcuraMDX.org.

Great minds must think a like and aren't we a lucky ones :)

How's your MDX? I LOVE IT!
Are you a member in AcuraMDX.org?

Wed, Jan-29-2003, 02:47:56 AM
Originally posted by March01M3

Wow, now I have seen about 3 people who own the NSX, M3, MDX combo 2 from NSXprime, I know 1 who own MDX, M3 combo from AcuraMDX.org.

Great minds must think a like and aren't we a lucky ones :)

How's your MDX? I LOVE IT!
Are you a member in AcuraMDX.org?

MDX is really a great vehicle, especially with the 03 changes.
Yes, AcuraMDX.org is another very helpful forum; unfortunately, between, this one, NSXprime, and the MDX forum there is no time for family or work.

I wish I did not get the Nav on my M3. The Acura Nav has ruined it for me; it is really amazing. I like the MDX so much that sometime I wish I got it for me instead of my wife.